Track Attack Program

The Track Attack program is designed for skiers who are usually between the ages of 10 and 12, and who are in the "Learning to Train" stage of development. The enrolment kit of the Track Attack program includes a Buff, and program award all-weather stickers, which can be placed on ski equipment. The focus of the Track Attack program is to help participants become technically competent cross country skiers and use their skills to explore a wide range of ski activities.

Track Attack program goals:

  • Fitness! Fun! Teamwork!

  • Improve cross country ski technique

  • Explore and enjoy many fun off trail ski activities

  • Learn how to wax skis, race with confidence, and learn about wildnerness safety

    Track Attack enrolment kit 2019-20:

All participants in the Track Attack program receive a new enrolment kit item each year. For this 2019-20 season we are pleased to offer this fun and functional neck warmer by SWIX to all participants to wear with pride.
Track Attack program awards: 

The Track Attack program has 18 stickers that can be applied in the NEW Track Attack passport! Click on the image below to biew a sample. (NB: doesn't include all pages)

The Track Attack awards are as follows, please click on the image to read the criteria attached to each award.

Classic technique awards:

           Diagonal stride                      Double pole                  One step double pole

Skate technique awards:

             One skate                              Two skate                                  Offset

Dryland skill awards:

             Rollerskiing                           Ski striding    

Skill development camps:

          Dryland camp                       On-snow camp

The Complete Skier awards series:

                  Racing                                   Spirit                                     Waxing                                 Off trail fun

Distance award series:

Parents Info:

Coach's Info:
Coaches are trained to meet the needs of athletes at this stage of development by taking the Competition Introduction NCCP workshop

The Programmers Guidebook:
Your resource for organizing a skill development program (SDP) for your club.

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