National Membership Registration System Project

CCC, in partnership with Zone4 Systems, has developed a national member registration system that will act as a standardized, online means for the organization’s 300+ affiliated clubs to register members, while meeting the reporting requirements of the provincial bodies (Divisions) and CCC. Building on Zone4’s current web registration platform used today by many Nordic ski clubs across the country, this initiative is designed to reduce the administrative burden for club volunteers, while giving members a convenient way to register for club membership and events.

This system is now available to all CCC-affiliated clubs in time for 2015-2016 ski season registration.

Project Objectives

CCC recognizes that for the system to be a success, it must work for the benefit of members, clubs and divisions, along with the national body.

For Members

  • Convenient and secure online membership registration – available 24/7 over any web browser.
  • Automated email receipts for tax purposes.
  • Quick and easy registration for events during the season.
  • Customizable communications and privacy settings.

For Clubs

  • Less paperwork, spreadsheets, handling cash.
  • More accurate and current member information.
  • Faster and more accurate reporting to Divisions.
  • Opportunity to keep email list up to date for communications purposes.
  • Registration page template provided for each club.

For Divisions and CCC

  • A centralized, standardized and always available source of critical information for Divisions and CCC, eliminating the need to process and compile spreadsheets of member data.
  • Accurate and up to date (anonymized) demographic Information, needed for government funding, sponsorships and to better understand the trends and opportunities for growing our sport.
  • Divisions will continue to have full access to reports and club account oversight as they currently do for both support and reporting purposes.
  • Accurate, complete and current information for liability insurance coverage, which is provided by CCC to all members.

Key System Features

The system is being developed with direct input and feedback from all levels of the organization to ensure that the needs of the members, clubs divisions and CCC are addressed.

  • Web-based registration system – no software to install and upgrade.
  • Branded landing page for each club.
  • Secure online payments system.
  • Enhanced user interface and administrative tools.
  • Flexible registration forms and fields to allow for wide-ranging club registration needs.
  • Shared and standard templates to allow easy creation of membership registration forms.
  • Communications Centre to manage member email preferences, create and send newsletters, program information, urgent updates, etc.
  • Reporting and data export features to quickly get the information administrators need for programs, events and other activities.


What will the system cost for clubs and divisions?
There will be no fees for clubs or divisions.

What are the costs to members?
National registration system fees are structured similarly to Zone4 fees and include a per-person registration charge + $1/transaction + 3% credit card processing fee. The per-person membership fee will be covered by CCC as a benefit of membership. 

How will member privacy be protected?
Privacy is key to both CCC and Zone4. Members will have full control over their communication preferences (newsletters, etc.). All financial transactions will be protected using industry standard protocols and handled via a third party payment gateway. Further information will be made available in the Privacy Policy that will be available to all users. 

Will the system be mandatory for clubs?
The system will be mandatory. We expect that given the low costs and significant administrative and member benefits, that most clubs will find the system to be advantageous for member registration, management and reporting.

When can my club sign up?
The CCC membership system is being built on top of the Zone4 registration system.  Clubs that have a Zone4 account do not need to sign up, they will be automatically provided access to the CCC membership system.  Clubs that do not have a Zone4 account yet can create one for free at any time to get started working with the current Zone4 system.  The membership system will be available for all clubs in time for the 2015-2016 ski season.

My club already uses Zone4. How will the transition to this new system work?
The first portion of this project consists of building new administrative tools in your existing zone4 account. These features are being made available automatically. In some cases these are new features that you will see appear in your zone4 account. In other cases these are replacements to existing zone4 functionality. Where we are building replacements for existing functionality, you will see the option to use the new version appear in your account. The old version that you are used to will continue to be available as we don’t want to force anybody into learning a new system until they are ready. No action is needed on the part of club administrators to transition to this system.

The second major portion of the project is to add a new CCC Membership Panel (instead of the current CCC Waiver panel) on club registration forms. You will add this panel when you create your 2015/2016 membership form on Zone4.  Including this panel will enable the registration forms to automatically identify club members and deduct the appropriate CCC and divisional membership fees at registration time instead of the current invoicing process. Clubs that aren’t ready to transition to the new CCC membership system will have the option to continue using the existing waiver panel on their Zone4 registrations but are still be responsible for collecting the complete membership information required by CCC, still have to submit that information via a non-public CCC Membership registration form, and cannot take advantage of the CCC membership discount on processing fees so will incur the normal non-discounted $1/person processing fees on their Zone4 registrations. Club that do not want to have their members register themselves online must setup private registration forms and either enter the member details themselves or else upload a complete CSV file of their member information. There is no processing fee for manually entered or CSV uploaded membership information.


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