In order to be eligible to purchase a FIS license through Nordiq Canada, athletes must be a member of a Nordiq Canada club, have Canadian citizenship and must first purchase a Nordiq Canada Race License.

You must also include your Nordiq Canada and FIS license numbers when registering for events to have your results eligible for FIS points. An additional fee will be assessed to retroactively add license numbers to “official” result lists.

IPCNS race licenses are necessary for Para-Nordic athletes and guides who wish to compete internationally in IPCNS sanctioned events (IPCNS COC, IPCNS World Cup, IPCNS World Championships or Paralympics).

To apply for an IPCNS license you must first have a Nordiq Canada race license (see application requirements and process above).

The cost of an IPC race license is 60 Euro (approx $90 CAD) and the application deadline is October 1st, 2017. An IPC license can be purchased after the deadline but the price increases to 90 Euro (approx $135 CAD).

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