Para-Nordic National Ski Team

The Para-Nordic National Ski Team (PNST) is the pinnacle of Cross Country Canada's Para-Nordic program. Although the PNST program is smaller than the able bodied National Ski Team (NST) it similarly brings together the best athletes in the country in a training environment that provides access to the best available support in terms of coaching, technical support, sport science & sport medicine and financial resources.
The PNST program provides the tools and support to allow athletes to compete at the highest levels and achieve excellence with the ultimate goal of placing athletes on the podium at World Para Nordic Skiing World Cups, World Ski Championships and Paralympics.

There are two National Teams -  The Para-Nordic National World Cup Team which includes athletes at the highest level with proven ability to place highly in international competitions and the Para-Nordic National Development Team which includes athletes who are at an earlier stage in their development but who have shown the potential to excel at the highest level. There is also a group consisting of supported NextGen athletes called the  Prospects Team.  The Pospects Team is not considered a National Team but rather a supported group of athletes developing towards the PNST.

PNST selection

Athletes are selected to the National Teams or Prospect Team each spring on the basis of criteria established for the previous winter. This entitles the selected athletes to the level of support that is established for their respective team. Irrespective of team composition, throughout the next competitive season additional athletes may be selected for competitions on the basis of separate criteria. Para-Nordic specific selection criteria are integrated into overall CCC selection criteria policies and documents. For more information on PNST selection criteria please go to our main Selection Criteria page. 

Additional PNST information

Athlete assistance
PNST athletes who meet eligibility criteria are able to receive financial assistance through the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (AAP).  For more information please go to our CCC Athlete Assistance page.

Athlete handbook
The Athlete handbook contains key information for all PNST and NST athletes to know and follow and can be found on our CCC Athlete Handbook page

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