Para-Nordic CPL

In an effort to provide the Para-Nordic (PN) community with a national points ranking system similar to that used for able bodied competitors CCC piloted a PN-CPL point scoring system beginning in  the 2010-11 racing season.  The PN-CPL has now been used for seven seasons and is proving to be a useful tool.

For those familiar with the concept and principles supporting the CPL system you will appreciate how challenging it is to come up with a reliable and representative Canadian athlete ranking system for PN skiers given the low number of PN participants and PN races compared with the able-bodied world. With the recent concentration on PN, developmental organization within CCC and momentum building towards increased participation the PN-CPL will be more reliable and representative in the future.


Although the CCC PN CPL has been used for seven years, there are still not sufficient numbers of competitors to make it an accurate measure of overall athlete performance. CCC strongly recommends that the PN CPL is not used for any regional, divisional or national athlete selection process. Over time as we add more reference skiers and as participation rates increase the PN CPL will become more accurate, reliable and representative.

2017-2018 Season PN CPL

2014-2015 Season PN CPL