Jackrabbit Program

The Jackrabbit Program is designed for the “FUNdamentals” stage of development (children 6-9 years of age) This is the second level of the skill development program.   It has been developed in parallel with the second level of the competency-based NCCP, which provides coaching materials specific to the needs of skiers this age. Program materials include an enrolment kit (a toque made by Sauce), an age appropriate poster which provides a comprehensive record of the young skier’s ski career, and program award stickers to chart the different levels of achievement. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health.
Goals of this program:

  • Encourage FUN and participation,
  • Develop ABC’s. Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.  
  • Frequent cross-country skiing during the season. 
  • Good technique habits developed through repeated practice using the Jackrabbit program awards 
  • Utilize games and ski playgrounds to develop technique, speed skills and fitness.
  • Well structured programs.
  • Develop linear, lateral and multi directional speed. 
  • Develop a team/social atmosphere. 
  • Introduce competition in a team environment whenever possible. 
  • Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities e.g. camps.
Program awards:
  • Chandra Crawford award for your Super Attitude!
  • Sara Renner award for your sense of Adventure!
  • Beckie Scott awards for you blistering Speed!
  • Richard Weber awards for Skiing Often!
  • Pierre Harvey (Hat Trick) award for being a complete skier!
  • Devon Kershaw award for doing some Dryland training!
  • Alex Harvey award for trying some Competitions!
Click on the image below to see a sample of the NEW Jackrabbit booklet! (does not include all pages)

Tips for parents

Jackrabbit Enrolment Kit 2019-20:

The toque design inspiration is from a drawing by Kate Burridge Macdonald, winner of this year's JR toque design contest from Bruce Ski Club, Hepworth, ON.

The Jackrabbit toque is manufactured by Swix, and designed by Taiji Brand Group.

Coaches are trained to meet the needs of athletes at this stage of development by taking the Community Coaching  NCCP workshops.

How to get involved with organizing a skill development program (SDP) for your club?  This guidebook has all the information that you need to develop a program for your club. 

Ski Playground
A Ski Playground is a designated location which has been developed to assist children to learn to ski naturally which provides a variety of skiing discovery.

Also see what Whistler Olympic Park did for their 2016-17 terrain park: please click here.


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