Competition Coaching Introduction Advanced (Comp-Int. advanced)

The competition coaching-introduction advanced (CCI-advanced) context is broken down into 2 steps:

NCCP Context
Context components
LTAD Stage
Athlete age
Competition Coaching:
Introduction advanced
(CCIA – T2T)
       T2T-on snow
Training to Train
12 - 16 males
11 - 15 females

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1-    Competition Coaching Introduction Advanced (T2T)

The CCI-Advanced (T2T) program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to: (1) teach athletes how to build an aerobic base, speed and strength and further develop and consolidate sport specific skills as appropriate for their developmental age; and (2) design and deliver an annual sport program that takes into consideration optimal trainability and the maturity/readiness (physical, mental, cognitive and emotional maturity) of individual athletes 12 to 16 years of age (the T2T stage of development). NOTE:  This program is still under development and is available as a pilot course only.
a.   CCI-advanced (T2T) Dryland Workshop (18.5 hrs): This is the fifth step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about growth and maturation, energy systems, training intensities, monitoring and recovery, strength, speed, flexibility, exercise performance and health, roller-skiing and other dryland ski simulation techniques, etc. Prerequisite: CCI (L2T) Coach “trained” status.
b.   CCI-Advanced (T2T) On-Snow Workshop (17.5 hrs): This is the second half of the CCI-Advanced (T2T) program and the sixth step in the NCCP progression.  It is designed to train coaches to develop an effective competition plan for a team, prepare for a competition, support athletes at a competition, teach basic mental skills, refine all ski techniques, test and prepare skis and make ethical decisions.  Successful completion of the NCCP CCI-Advanced (T2T) Dryland Workshop is a prerequisite.
  1. Complete both T2T workshops
Standards of evaluations and details of portfolio to provide:
Coaches that complete these steps and become certified Competition-intro. advanced coaches are then eligible for the next step in the NCCP progression: Competition-development