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Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada in 2024

Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada in 2024

Sports betting has been on the rise in Canada for decades, but it wasn’t until the Senate approved Bill C-2018 in 2021 that it shot to real fame. The bill legalized single-sport betting (save for horse racing) which had, up to that point, been forbidden by law across the country. You are no longer required to place at least two or more wagers and tie them together hoping for a cumulative outcome. Now, you can bet on the winner of the Super Bowl and have a 50% chance to earn some dough to secure the summer vacation.  Just find a reputable sportsbook operator and get going. There are lots of quality sportsbooks and online casinos Canada out there you can try out following a due diligence review on your part. However, if you want to spare yourself the hassle, let us bring 10 of the best-in-class Canadian betting site to your attention. Having passed our meticulous checks, they appear to have what it takes to turn your sports betting app hobby into an enjoyable experience.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Canada in 2023

    • TonyBet – The Most Odds Formats Supported
    • Pinnacle – The Most Competitive Odds
    • BetSafe – Good Mobile App Support
    • 888Sport – The Most Versatile Betting Markets
    • Bet365 – The Biggest Sports Catalogue
    • Bwin – The Sportsbook That Allows Bet Edits
    • Betway – The Best Bet Builder Out There

Note! The sportsbooks on the list above are not arranged by rating because each and every outlet has areas where it outshines the others, and vice versa. We’d rather see them as all-round champions due to the excellent value they provide to eligible, prospective, and returning players alike.

Evaluation Criteria For Canada Sports Betting Sites

Setting out on a quest to separate the good guys from the not-so-good ones can prove challenging unless you follow a set of established criteria to help you evaluate what you are looking for. After performing some extensive research on the topic, we narrowed our criteria set down to 4 main categories, namely:

  • Sports library
  • Sportsbook features
  • Payment & Banking, Web Security
  • Customer Service

Sports Library at Best Canadian Betting Sites

Let’s give credit where credit is due – the number of sports betting site options available and the presence (or absence) of your favorite sport there would be the first things you’d notice when opening an online casino sportsbook, wouldn’t they? You would get to know that way before checking the site for payment provisions and welcome bonus programs. We get it, which is why studying the available sports betting options takes precedence over everything else whenever we review the nuts and bolts of whatever sportsbook comes our way.

When reviewing a sports betting site, we take into consideration the available sports palette, the live betting section, the presence (or lack) of a live streaming platform, as well as the variety of betting options such as single and parlay bets, money line bets, point spreads, over/under spreads (or totals), in-play and future bets, etc. While you won’t always find all these options in your favorite sportsbook – Pinnacle, for example, has no live streaming platform yet – they help you build a solid foundation in the basics of sports betting, and they form the backbone of sports betting as we know it.

Unique Features At Online Betting Sites in Canada

Even though the sports betting industry is a well-oiled machine that has already achieved certain standards relating to the quality of services you’d find in any reputable sportsbook, every sports betting site has this inborn urge to stand out from the crowd. The goal is clear – to capture and retain a strong and loyal consumer base. Welcome bonuses often do the trick, but they should only provide a taste of what’s to come in the form of regular promotions, loyalty bonus programs, and exclusive stuff you won’t find anywhere else, such as special rules, limited offers, etc. You may often have to dig deeper than usual into betting rules, terms, and conditions to find those hidden perks, but it’s worth the effort based on the experience we’ve gained so far.

Payment, Banking Options & Best Betting Site Web Security 

When it comes to payment processors, it’s different strokes for different folks. If you are like us and have got used to using a particular payment service provider, be it a traditional bank, a modern e-wallet, or a prepaid voucher, you’d be hard-pressed to change it just because a sports betting site doesn’t support it, wouldn’t you? That is why, providing a broad range of high-quality payment processing services is no longer a bonus but a must for any sportsbook aspiring to gather a decent following among gamblers. The latter, on the other hand, want to enjoy secure financial communication and quick payouts when cashing in their winnings. Such a perfect combination would not be possible unless sports betting sites have enabled the hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) on their servers beforehand. HTTPS encrypts any communication exchanged between your browser and the sportsbook’s server, leaving no room for potential interception frauds. Sportsbook sites that support HTTPS and have got the International Betting Integrity Association’s (IBIA) seal of approval provide a safe haven for your betting endeavors.

Customer Service

Having a capable customer service unit is vital to the prosperity of every sportsbook out there. regardless of the quality of today’s technologies, no sports betting platform is immune to glitches, and neither are bettors. Ever since we dipped our toes into the waters of online gambling research, we’ve held 24/7 live support in high regard. Most of the betting sites on our list excel in hiring first-class support agents capable of providing quick and effective solutions to whatever problem may come your way in your online betting endeavors. Others have invested in automated support systems tailored to tackle the most recurrent issues while leaving the heavy-duty stuff to real-time agents.

Without further ado, let’s get on with a detailed overview of 10 of the most popular and trusted sports betting sites in Canada in 2023.



  • A rich betting app selection featuring more than 30 sports categories
  • live betting on 9 sports categories
  • live streaming platform
  • multiple betting options
  • detailed educative section


  • few payment options

Betano is a sportsbook and casino operator with a worldwide presence. Owned and operated by Kaizen Gaming International Ltd registered in Malta and holding a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, Betano has been enjoying substantial interest across Canada. The sportsbook also operates in Ontario through a locally registered subsidiary called Kaizen Gaming Canada, Inc.

As soon as you open Betano’s Canadian website, you face a well-structured, multi-layered platform with a wealth of sports categories (more than 30) and a live betting section containing dozens of live games at any given time. Tabs outlining the most popular upcoming sports events generating the highest hype are present at the top end of the Home page, as are welcome bonuses, daily rewards, and other attractive promos. The bottom end features dedicated sections on the most popular leagues, as well as a selection of trending top games in American football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Hockey. The latter come with moneyline, spread and total betting odds. The right side of the sportsbook’s home page shows a few perks such as early payouts, daily rewards, parlay booster, a nice “refer to a friend” bonus system, etc. We particularly liked the Early Payout Offers which allow for early bet settlement if certain conditions are met – 5 runs ahead in a baseball game, a two-goal soccer advantage, a 20-point basketball lead, etc. – and you win regardless of the result. The Parlay Booster, on the other hand, will give you a monetary bonus should you win a parlay bet. The bonus amount varies from 10% for a 4-pick parlay to 50% for a 10-pick parlay or greater. Your picks must come from the main markets in seven sports categories: tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, and football.

The only downside we could find while checking out Betano’s sportsbook and live betting sections was the somewhat limited number of cashout options – it’s either a debit/credit card, or eCashout. As far as deposits are concerned, the situation is similar – you can only use a credit/debit card or Interac. Compared to other rivaling sportsbooks, Betano gives you little room for manoeuvering in this regard. However, setting up an account with a new payment processor is just a few clicks away, so feel free to rise to the challenge if you want to check out Betano.



  • wider sports and live betting sports selection
  • abundant bonus features
  • multiple odds formats support
  • mobile app


  • no live streaming platform, just a real-time video simulator
  • no live-chat customer service
  • you cannot use the sports betting welcome bonus if you’ve already got the casino one

Like Betano, TonyBet is a sports betting operator accessible all over Canada thanks to its local AGCO and Kahnawake licenses. While there are two TonyBet domains – one for Ontario and another one for the rest of Canada – they offer the same sports betting options, which is why you get the same betting options on the same sports categories regardless of your geo location.

TonyBet’s Sports Betting page contains the most popular upcoming sports games from top championships such as Spain’s LaLiga, Italy’s Serie A, Germany’s DFB Pokal, select ATP tennis tournaments, NBA matches, as well as some NHL and MLB events. Each game comes with a set of corresponding odds available in 6 different formats, namely:

  • decimal format – 1.90, 3.71, 2.32, etc.
  • fractional format – 16/25, 281/50, 32/25, etc.
  • money line (American) format – +562, -150, +341, etc.
  • Hong Kong format – 0.90, 2.71, 1.32, etc.
  • Indonesian format – +1.49, -1.56, +3.41, etc.
  • Malaysian format – +0.670, -0.178, -0.293, etc.

Rather than using third-party odds converters, you can select your preferred odds format by clicking on the wrench-like Settings tab at the top right corner of the Home page. The language support button next to it lets you switch over to French if that’s the language you feel more comfortable with.

In terms of sports variety, TonyBet has got you covered with 30 sports categories and a few esports ones, i.e., whatever floats your boat. Every time we opened TonyBet’s sportsbook, we had more than upcoming 2 000 sports events to place our wagers on. You can either opt for the well-trodden path to betting on traditional sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, etc., or embark on a gallant voyage into uncharted territory with darts, water polo, or Gaelic hurling, for example. The live betting section tracks real-time events in 11 sports and 2 esports categories at least and allows you to wager on games that have already started. The lack of a full-on live streaming platform was somewhat of a downer, but you can keep track of the game in real time thanks to TonyBet’s game visualizer on the right.

Speaking of introductory and recurring bonuses, we found plenty of them by clicking on the “Promotions” tab on the right. TonyBet offers a welcome bonus for both sports and casino games but you can either go for the former, or the latter. If sports betting is your priority, you are in for a real treat here with:

  • A free bet bonus of 100% your first deposit of up to C$350
  • European football nights weekly offers
  • A daily forecast bonus of up to C$1500
  • A 6-level Sports VIP Program reset every month
  • Up to 100% extra cash on multibets
  • Cashout options

As expected, each bonus comes with a set of underlying turnover requirements you must fulfil if you want to use it. TonyBet’s welcome offer to you is a free bet bonus of up to C$350. To get it, wager 5 times the size of your initial deposit on single-bet games with odds starting from 1.50 or on multi-bet events with cumulative odds of 1.70 or higher. The European football nights program gives you a free bet worth 20% of your deposit provided that you wager the whole of it. Therefore, if you were to deposit C$200 and wager all of it on single or multibets at odds of 1.80 or higher, you would get the maximum free bet bonus worth C$40. The cashout option allows TonyBet to buy back your bet slip at your discretion before the game has ended and before the bet has settled. It is a useful feature when you do not want to wait till the end of the game and wish to improve your liquidity to place new bets. Last but not least, the cashout option is the only way to get rid of a bet you placed by mistake.

As far as the available payment options are concerned, this is where TonyBet truly shines. Supporting at least 10 different payment processing platforms, TonyBet is among the best in class in this regard. Credit cards (Visa/MasterCard), e-wallets and prepaid cards (iDebit, Jeton, paysafecard, MiFINITY, Interac, ecoPayz) are all there for you. Withdrawal processing times vary by processor, but you can expect reasonably quick payouts when using e-wallets. Canadian Tonybet domains have an SSL certificate protecting your transactions against potential scams.

Getting in touch with TonyBet’s customer service department is only possible via email for the time being, and every submitted query is due for a reply within 24 hours. While that’s by far not the most flexible solution to sudden and unexpected glitches, the latter would be quite a rare occurrence based on our experience with TonyBet’s web platform and mobile apps for iOS and AndroidOS, respectively.



  • 25 years in the business
  • A sufficient number of sports and live betting events
  • Competitive odds


  • No welcome bonuses
  • Email-only customer support

Pinnacle is yet another famous sportsbook and casino operator that has been in place since 1998, only recently obtaining an AGCO license to operate in Ontario. Pinnacle’s activities in the rest of Canada are regulated by its offshore Curacao license. Pinnacle’s sportsbook consists of 18 sports categories, 4 of which also show up in the Pinnacle Live Centre – soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball – where you can place real-time, in-play bets. The sports betting live grid takes center stage on the sportsbook’s Home Page, followed by the Highlights grid below containing a mix of the most highly anticipated upcoming sports events across the seven most popular sports categories, including the four live sports above plus volleyball, hockey, and American football. You can toggle between decimal and American odds, on the one hand, and English and Simplified Chinese interface, on the other. The latter seems totally out of place on Pinnacle’s Canadian website, and we’d expected to see a French-language interface instead.

As you may have already noticed, Pinnacle’s bonus policy has been receiving scant attention in the press for quite a while. Pinnacle will give you a 50% match deposit bonus of up to C$25 but it is only valid for its casino games. Newly registered sportsbook users will not get any free bets regardless of the size of their deposits. They will, however, take advantage of the one of the best and most competitive odds on the entire Canadian market.

Pinnacle’s portfolio of approved payment processors includes 5 deposit and 6 withdrawal options. Most of them have no deposit transaction fees (except for iDebit’s 1,25%) yet may collect between C$5 and C$30 for each withdrawal request. When deciding on a payment processor, bear in mind the fees that come with every option and select the one with the most favorable conditions.

Pinnacle has yet to introduce live-chat customer support in Canada, which is why you can only contact the company by email at present. Luckily, the support department is available 24/7 and you should expect quick replies any time. The site features the latest cyber protection tools you can imagine, keeping financial-related dangers at bay.



  • 20+ sports categories and 7 in-play betting sports
  • A live streaming platform
  • Multiple bonus systems


  • Limited withdrawal options

BetSafe’s sportsbook and in-play betting sections offer an enticing mix of sports games guaranteed to suit any prospective customer. Featuring NFL, NBA, NHL, soccer, MLB, golf, cricket, tennis, rugby, MMA, and Formula 1, among others, BetSafe ticks all the boxes  you’d search for in a contemporary sportsbook. The in-play section allows you to place such bets as match winner, match goals, handicaps, halftime result, both teams to score, and double chance. You can choose to see decimal, fractional, or American odds, depending on your preferences. Betsafe features single bets, parlays, and system betting options, both for current and upcoming sports events. If a game isn’t playing out as planned, you can cash out your bet to limit your losses. The BetSafe sportsbook offers many betting options for welcome bonus may go up to C$500 and is subject to a 6x wagering requirement at odds of 1.80 or greater within 14 days. The Betsafe Million bonus system urges you to wager at least C$25 on a single bet at odds -200 or a multiple bet (parlays or systems) containing at least one selection of -200 odds, and then answer a series of 20 questions. Prior to answering a question, you are prompted to put all your money onto one possible answer, or split it. If your answer is wrong, you lose the amount of money you’ve betted on that answer beforehand, and vice versa. If you answer all the questions correctly without splitting the initial C$1 million bonus, BetSafe will pay it out to you in cash. If you’re into sports tournaments, feel free to enter one of BetSafe’s current live leaderboards offering prize pools of C$90000 and C$7500, respectively. Most Canadian sportsbooks betting sites available out there offer identical deposit and withdrawal options. That is not the case with BetSafe where you can wager on sports, though. If you are looking for the best options for payments, it gives you as many as seven payment providers to choose from when placing a deposit or bets offered (Interac, Visa, Instant Banking, ecoPayz, paysafecard, Mastercard, and MuchBetter), you only have 4 withdrawal options in Canada, namely: Interac, Visa, ecoPayz, bank transfers. While this isn’t the wide variety of sports range we’ve seen, it isn’t the most limited, either. Should any issues arise along the way, a live chat and an email customer support team is available 24/7. Moreover, BetSafe top sportsbooks sports betting site offer gives you a third option – to request a call back from a customer service agent, who will contact you within 15 to 60 minutes and assist you in solving whatever problem may have come your way. BetSafe has developed dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, much to the delight of those of you who prefer to bet on the phone.

Sports Interaction


  • Fractional, decimal, and American odds formats
  • Dual-language support (English and French)
  • A comprehensive betting guide
  • A rich collection of sports


  • The live betting section could cover more sports

Sports Interaction is one of the best online sportsbooks in Canada and the canadian sports betting market licensed both in Ontario and in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake for full national coverage. Residents within and outside Ontario enjoy the same features and benefits. To date, Sports Interaction has been covering events in seventeen sports categories, including but not limited to soccer, baseball, football, hockey, motor racing, tennis, basketball, MMA, boxing, cricket, table tennis, rugby, handball, etc. The main sports events grid at the center of the sportsbook’s home page shows the most popular upcoming sports events in soccer by default. To view a different sport, open the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the grid and make your choice among 9 more categories. The live betting section keeps track of basketball, soccer, tennis, and table tennis games that are taking place now. The top sports betting sites options vary by sport. If you are sports fans and bet on soccer matches, you can place a bet for the result, the next goal, or play with over/under odds. Tennis games, on the other hand, prompt you to bet on the match winner, the current set winner, and the total number of games in the match.

As we write this review, Sports Interaction’s IT guys are just about to launch completely revamped versions of their web platform and mobile apps. The new site will come with an all-new interface and a bunch of new reward types accessible through a special “Opt-in” button and, most of all, more live betting options. However, you won’t find the Racebook in the new Sports Interaction platform. Nor would you be able to take advantage of your older bet credits and bonus types (if you have any). Mobile best sports betting app users will have to update their app to get the new stuff. The sportsbook operator maintains a solid customer support team available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. The payment methods you can use when betting on the platform are credit cards (MasterCard, visa), ApplePay, Instadebit, and Interac. We would like to see more sports gambling payment processors on that list in due course, though.



  • 25+ sports, most of which also available in the Live Betting section
  • Dozens of betting markets for most sports
  • Lots of promotional offers
  • Instant withdrawal options for select countries


  • Mobile app needs improvement
  • No live streams in Canada yet

888Sport, a top canadian site, has a long history of successful operations, which is why it is so popular across Canada, too. Available both in Ontario and the rest of bet on in Canada through its AGCO and Gibraltar licenses, 888Sport is a reliable sportsbook worthy of your attention. We found a wealth of upcoming and live sports wagering sports events to place our bets on every time we opened the platform. The usual suspects – NFL, MLB, soccer games, NBA, boxing, tennis, UFC/MMA, volleyball – are all there. If you love Formula 1 and esports betting, however, you’ll need to search elsewhere, as it is notably absent from 888Sport’s portfolio. Anyway, you still have thousands of games to choose from, as the hour is never late.

The 888Sport Home page has an intuitive interface allowing you to customize it by odds format and language. You can set American, decimal, or fractional odds in accordance with your preferences. The platform also has multi-language support (except for Ontario), much to the delight of Canada’s French-speaking communities. However, the customer support interface is only available in English.

The Live Betting section at 888Sport, one of the best sportsbooks in Canada, as of december 2023 covers a wide range of sports games currently taking place all over the world. Tennis offerings prevail most of the time due to the sheer number of tournaments across the globe. Although the Live Now grid only shows the Match Outcome market, you can access dozens of additional betting lines markets applicable to each live game with a single click on the game itself.  When we picked a soccer game, for example, we placed additional bets on such markets for bettors in canada as:

  • 1st half / 2nd half / Total goals over/under
  • 1st half / 2nd half both teams to score
  • Half-time / full-time double chance
  • Half-time/full-time correct score
  • 1st half/2nd half 3-way
  • Odd or even total
  • Exact number of goals, etc.

The total number of additional canadian sports betting sites and markets varies by sport. There are 30 markets in total apart from the main one, i.e. the Match Outcome / Full-Time Result for soccer games, 20 markets for baseball, 11 for tennis, 5 for hockey, etc. 888Sport’s excellent Bet Builder tool lets you combine two or more markets in one and the same game (only available for soccer, NBA, NHL, and MLB games in ontario sports betting).

The list of payment service providers approved by 888Sport Canada includes what you would find on most reputable sportsbooks nowadays, namely:

  • Visa/MasterCard CCs
  • Interac
  • Paysafecard prepaid vouchers
  • ApplePay
  • MuchBetter

Newcomers to 888Sport, a legal sports betting site, canadian sports bettors are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus of up to C$250 provided that you wager the corresponding deposit amount at odds of 1.50 or higher on any sports markets within 60 days of your account registration. If you wish to get the maximum bonus of C250, you would need to deposit the same amount and wager it on minimum 5 different games because there’s a C$50 limit per bet. The Perfect 10 bonus program, on the other hand, gives you free bet tokens if you guess the outcome of at least 6 out of 10 mobile betting app picks. Those who guess right on all 10 picks prop bets and soccer betting earn a share of the total prize of C$10 000. Wagering C$50 or more per week on MLB games with odds starting at 2.00 brings in a C$5 bet token to your account. To get the same bonus daily, place C$20+ a day on three-leg parlays (or greater) at odds of 1.50 or higher on ice hockey sports leagues and single-game sports betting, baseball, soccer, nba betting and basketball. 888Sport’s customer service unit provides email and live chat support day and night. While we had no trouble using the website, a lot of customers running the mobile 888Sport apps have complained about regular screen freezing and slow navigation issues, and we’d like to see some improvement in this regard.



  • 40+ sports categories, including some pretty exotic entries
  • A dedicated live betting section
  • A live streaming platform
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • Highly rated mobile apps


  • No phone support

Bet365 is the biggest sportsbook on our list in terms of the number of covered sports categories. It is also fully legal in Canada. There are some exotic sports – bandy, badminton, greyhounds racing, squash, trotting – that you don’t see every day. The Live in Game section hosts the games that are happening right now and would be worth exploring if you love in-play betting. Bet365’s live section lets you pick your favorite leagues and tournaments from each sports category and bundle them together under the “Favourites” tab. When we explored the site, we were fascinated to see the sheer number of betting opportunities stemming from the variety of sports categories. In this regard, Bet365 can serve as a fountain of new ideas for everyone who wants to broaden their betting horizon. If you’re willing to try your luck at something new, you need to look no further.

How does Bet365 perform in the bonus and promotions department, then? Bet365 will give you up to C$100 in the form of bet credits, which constitutes a 100% match on your first deposit provided the latter does not exceed C$100 and you use it to wager on qualifying bets. Once you’ve settled your initial bets, you’ll get the bonus bet credits in your account balance. In addition to the welcome bonus, Bet365 offers early payouts for select sports betting experience games contingent on certain results your team must achieve before the end of the game. Here are the current early canadian online payout offers:

  • 17+ points lead – for your NFL team
  • 18+ points lead – for your WNBA team
  • 5+ runs lead – for your baseball team
  • 2+ goals lead – for your soccer team

Last but not least, you also get parlay boosts of up to 70% for select sports to bet on soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, and hockey leagues. To get such a boost, place a pre-game bet on at least two markets for a particular game or single-game betting (end result, two teams to score, first set winner, etc.) The more selections, the higher the boost. If the game you’ve betted is headed for a different outcome, Bet365 lets you find the best bets and edit your bet or cash it out under the odds valid at the concrete moment.

Having been into the betting scene for a while now, Bet365 must have had sufficient time to develop close ties with leading payment processors. That’s why, we were not surprised to see as many as 10 deposit and 7 withdrawal options available to Canadian bettors. Along classic Visa/MasterCard credit and debit cards, you can use the good old wire transfers, , Payz, iDebit, InstaDebit, Apple Pay, prepaid paysafecard vouchers, and Click to Pay wallets to deposit funds. Most of them support direct withdrawals, except for Apple Pay, paysafecard, and Click to Pay.

The customer service department at Bet365 impressed us with its detailed FAQ section and the prompt replies we got both in the live chat and whenever we sent our inquiries via email. There’s a phone line for placing bets but there isn’t one for direct phone support, which might put off some old-school bettors. Nevertheless, the live chat option is just as good.



  • Largest sports catalogue
  • Auto Cash Out and Notify Cash Out options
  • Versatile payment options
  • The “Edit my Bet” option


  • No welcome bonus
  • Live streaming not available for all in-play games
  • No instant customer support

Bwin is one of the largest online sportsbooks operating in Canada, as far as its bet on sports catalogue of 33 categories is concerned. Most of them are also available for in-play and mobile betting, too. Placing single, multiple, and system bets is a piece of cake using Bwin’s Betslip tool. Registering an account beforehand is just as straightforward, too.

Bwin does not offer any welcome bonus for newcomers. Unlike most other sportsbooks on our list, however, Bwin allows you to edit your bet after you’ve already placed one. You can swap teams, increase or lower your stakes, add or remove selections, etc., not only before but also during playtime. If you are an NHL or NBA lover, the Show Your Colours promo can get you special perks as long as you let Bwin know what your favorite team is by clicking on its name.

As usual, live sports events at sports betting app in canada offer you the chance to bet on the result, as well as on additional markets relating to the game such as next goal, double chance, total points, bet online, both teams to score, etc. The Bwin sports betting page also contains shortcut tabs to the 5 most popular sports categories – basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and tennis.

We particularly liked Bwin’s Auto Cash Out and Notify Cash Out options as they give you the opportunity to set cash out values in advance and even receive notifications whenever your value aligns with the current one. Note that those two extras are only applicable to single and multiple bets, and you cannot take advantage of them for your system bets.

Bwin, a leader at the sports betting market and one of the best online sportsbook, impressed us with a great number of approved payment processors. In Ontario alone, you will be able to use Visa/MasterCard/Maestro/Diners cards, along with ApplePay, Interac email and web transfers, MuchBetter (withdrawals only), InstaDebit, and bank transfers, to name a few.

Bwin has created a vast FAQ section covering pretty much any problem you may run into when using the platform. The sportsbook and casino operator does not offer live-chat and email support. Rather, it urges you to use Bwin’s Facebook and X profiles if you want to reach out for further assistance to your issue.



  • 30+ sports categories, half of which eligible for live bets
  • A reputable multinational operator
  • Bet builder and cash out tools


  • Getting through to live support agents can be a bit challenging at times
  • Live streaming limited to select sports events
  • Some competitors offer more enticing bonuses

Betway is yet another multi-licensed sportsbook offering sports betting services in all Canadian provinces. The sportsbook tracks hundreds of games across 30 sports categories, providing live coverage to half of them. You can set decimal, American, or fractional odds as your default format. Clicking on a live event gives you access to the main and supplementary markets applicable to the event, as well as to Betway’s special Bet Builder tool.

Betway will give you a free bet refund of up to C$200 if you place an initial bet of up to C$300 and lose it within the first 7 days of your registration. Additional canadian sports betting promo packages are reportedly available, but you won’t see them unless you log into your account. As a result, would-be clients cannot see them in advance, and we think this fact is worth considering in due course.

Betway has developed standalone mobile apps to satisfy its Android and iOS users alike. The iOS app is available on Apple’s AppStore and has already received positive ratings by thousands of users. The Android app, on the other hand, must be downloaded directly from the Betway website.

Betway as many other sportsbooks in Canada supports financial transactions made via popular credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), and modern solutions such as MuchBetter, paysafecard, InstaDebit, iDebit, ecoPayz, etc. If you need any assistance while using Betway’s web or mobile app platforms, remain calm as going through a vast maze of FAQs may take some time and patience. On the flip side, Betway has grouped those FAQs in as many as 16 categories and consulting them will be sufficient to solve your problem 9 times out of 10.

NorthStar Bets


  • A good mix of welcome and regular bonuses
  • 30 sports categories +
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Phone, live chat, and email communication channels


  • Only available in Ontario
  • No live streaming yet

The last sports betting pick on our list will accept your account registration but you’ll only be able to use it effectively if (and when) you and your device (mobile or desktop) are physically located in Ontario. The sports palette offers 30 categories or so and includes baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, football, basketball, golf, Formula 1, cricket, boxing, etc. Four winter sports – Alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country, and ski jumping – round out the list, albeit only active for a few months per year. Live events are easy to access via the “Live Right Now” tab on the top left corner of the home page. You can customize your odds format, enable betslip options, and decide whether to accept all odds changes or have the platform ask for your approval beforehand.

NorthStar Bets will match up every sports bettor first bet 100% up to C$150 if you wager it at odds of -500 or greater. You get one bet booster per day on any C$50 or smaller bets. Alternatively, you may earn bonus bets if you wager C$50 on a sports bettor to achieve certain goals in agame such as hitting a home run, scoring a penalty, etc.

The payment service providers we found on to be working with NorthStar Bets – Visa, Interac, MasterCard, American Express, and iDebit – are all popular nationwide and you should have no trouble performing your financial transactions with any of them. Still, if you do need external help while betting experience on the site, a full-fledged customer support unit will be at your disposal via phone, email, and live chat day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best sports betting sites Canada?

There’s more than one answer because each site has its pros and cons. Whether you choose Bwin, Betsafe, 888Sport, NorthStar Bets, Bet365, Pinnacle, TonyBet, Betano, Betway, or Sports Interaction, you can rest assured you’re dealing with an established and prominent industry actor and you will have the best betting experience.

Is online sports betting in Canada legal outside Ontario?

Online sports betting is legal outside Toronto insofar as it has not been explicitly prohibited by the law. However, any sports betting site willing to operate in Ontario must acquire an AGCO license beforehand.

Which sportsbook offers the greatest variety of sports?

Bet365 is by far the richest sports betting site as far as the number of sports categories it covers is concerned.

Are sports betting sites safe to use by Canadian citizens?

Yes, they are safe. All reputable sports betting sites have valid SSL certificates and undergo frequent tests by independent labs and most of them have now become the standard.

Are you allowed to edit or revoke a bet you’ve already placed?

Yes, if you use Bwin’s services. Most sportsbooks would not allow edits, only cashouts.