On these pages you will find information on many different aspects of the history of our sport.  


As well, you will find information about CCC's annual awards, awards from a wide variety of external organizations, along with reports on many of the recipients of these awards.    



Why not take a few minutes to read the entries and learn a little bit about some of the people who've contributed in so many ways to our sport?  


Recent Events: this page highlights recent achievements by our National Team which are of historical significance.


CCC National Teams: features biographies, stories and photographs of former National Ski Team members, both able-bodied and para-nordic.  


Our Olympians and Our Paralympians: contain stories and photographs recognizing the outstanding achievements of those athletes who earned the right to represent Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games over the years.   These men and women are enduring role models for all aspiring racers.



FIS History: contains a lot of information about the International Ski Federation (FIS), which is the world-wide sport governing body for all types of skiing, including cross country.


Canadian Senior and Combined Championships: this page is currently under construction but eventually will contain results and stories from our national championships going as far back as records exist.


Canadian Junior Championships: from 1951 until 2002 the Canadian Junior Championships were a separate event from the Senior Championships.   This page contains results and stories from many of those championships.


CCC Awards: Cross Country Canada has many dedicated volunteers and staff at all levels of the sport and in all areas of the country.   In appreciation of the work that these people do on behalf of our sport, various awards are presented each year at the Annual General Meeting in June.   In addition to volunteers and staff, awards are also presented to sponsors and to media personnel who have had the greatest impact in their areas of involvement with the sport.   Nominations for these awards are accepted from across the country and recipients are chosen based on the specific award criteria.  

Other Awards: Other related organizations and partners offer various awards to volunteers, sport builders, internationally acclaimed athletes, officials and coaches. Nominations for these awards may come from CCC members or from external organizations

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