License Applications

CCC Race License  
Fees and Application

Race license application fees are $55 for skiers born in 1999-2003 and $65 for skiers born in 1998 or before.  The CCC Development License for the 2019 Compttition season for skiers born in 2004 or after who wish to compete in Tier 1 or Tier II Nationally Sanctioned Points Competitions will be $25.   These amounts include GST.  To apply, please read the online declaration and provide all required information through the links below.

Race Categories (CCC Rules and Regulations 341.1) based on Year of Birth
Race categories for licenses are based on the new Competition Model.  Year of Birth and race distances will define race categories during the 2019 Competition season.  Athletes:
     Born 1999 - 2003 are eligible for the World Junior Championships
     Born 1996 - 1998 are eligible for the World Under 23 Championships

You must have a CCC race license or a Supporting Member Day license to compete in CCC sanctioned events.

Benefits of Development Level Racing License for Younger Skiers

The Development License for younger skiers is not mandatory. Benefits include:

·       preferred seeding in races
·       inclusion of results on the Canada Points list
·       cost savings for athletes competing five or more sanctioned races
·       access to a special annual discount to Ski Trax magazine 

With the inclusion of the Development License CCC will be able to more accurately track the development of young skiers in the Training 2 Train and above levels of the Competition Model. 

Guide License for Athletes with a Visual Impairment

The visually impaired athlete is to purchase their CCC race license as well as a guide license for the season. The guide license allows the athlete to have as many guides in a season as necessary.  Each guide does not need to purchase a CCC licence; however every unlicensed guide must sign a waiver at their first race of the season. If the regular and only guide of the athlete has a CCC race license, the athlete does not need to purchase the guide license.

FIS Race License  

Completed FIS race license applications need to be received by end-of-day Tuesday to be processed by end-of-day Friday. You can verify that your FIS license has been activated on the FIS website.

To be activated on the FIS points list before the beginning of the season, you must purchase your licence before November 1, 2018. 

You must also include your CCC and FIS license numbers when registering for events to have your results eligible for FIS points. An additional fee will be assessed to retroactively add license numbers to “official” result lists.

International Paralympic Committee Nordic skiing (IPCNS) Race License 

IPCNS race licenses are necessary for Para-Nordic athletes and guides who wish to compete internationally in IPCNS sanctioned events (IPCNS COC, IPCNS World Cup, IPCNS World Championships or Paralympics).

To apply for an IPCNS license you must first have a CCC race license (see application requirements and process above).

The cost of an IPC race license is 60 Euro (approx $90 CAD) and the application deadline is October 1st, 2017. An IPC license can be purchased after the deadline but the price increases to 90 Euro (approx $135 CAD).

Athletes who have been IPCNS licensed before can simply contact us and we can apply for you via the IPCNS online licensing system. If you have not been IPCNS licensed before you must complete IPCNS Eligibility Code form and then contact us to complete the process.

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