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  • Women's Committee

    The Women’s Committee is an operational committee of Cross Country Canada (CCC) which exists to ensure equality of opportunity for girls and women as participants, competitors, coaches, officials and leaders in cross-country skiing. The Committee’s focus is on educating women on the roles they have an opportunity to pursue in cross-country skiing and facilitating the participation of women in areas where affirmative action is required. For more information on the women's committee please review the terms of reference.

    A variety of information and resources are available to assist the women's committee in achieving its mandate.

    Women's Committee Members

    Meet the Cross Country Canada Women’s Committee members, including their bios!

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    Useful Links

    Resources for the female athlete, leader and mother on subjects related to body image, leadership, active lifestyle and more!

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    Fast & Female

    With an emphasis on cross-country skiing, biathlon and complimentary summer enduro- sports, Fast and Female hosts events led by athletic champions who serve as healthy role models and inspire girls to gain the confidence and leadership they need to reach their full potential in life and sports

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    Gender Effective Tips

    The gender effective ski tips were prepared and published by CCC's Women on Skis committee. Currently three booklets are available.

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