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  • Coaching Development

    It is a well known fact that competent coaches are crucial for a healthy recruitment and development of athletes. CCC offers a wealth of coaching development opportunities with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) being a core program.


    Canada’s recognized training and certification program, the NCCP serves a wide range of coaches — from those who introduce beginners to sport to those working with high performance athletes.

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    Athlete Development Matrix

    CCC’s new coaching resource that includes a vast array of program guidelines and benchmarks; an essential tool for coaches who aspire to run efficient, LTAD aligned programs.

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    Professional development and grants

    CCC and its partners provide coaches with numerous professional development and financial support opportunities.

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    Policies & Procedures

    CCC's coaching Policies and Procedures will guide coaches through their development process as well as provide ethical foundations for their profession and minimal coaching requirements.

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