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    LTAD-Long Term Athlete Development

    Sport Canada’s LTAD model is an inclusive concept that encourages all individuals to be involved in lifelong physical activity and articulates the need for all children, particularly those that have the capacity and interest to become elite athletes, to be given a solid foundation in physical, technical, tactical and mental capacities upon which to build their performance abilities. 
    The LTAD model for cross-country skiing has eight stages, each reflecting a different point in athlete development. The first three stages encourage physical literacy and sport experiences for all, while the next four stages are more focused on development and competitive excellence. The final or overarching stage encourages life-long physical activity and informed healthy lifestyle choices.   
    To view the many LTAD resources - both generic and specific to cross-country skiing - available to coaches, parents and athletes, click here.

    CCC’s Skill Development Programs for Children

    Cross Country Canada has developed a modern, state-of-the-art progression of skill development programs for children. This exciting program conforms to the Canadian LTAD model and provides a vertically integrated continuum of development opportunities for children in the first stages of skier development.
    For more information on these programs, click here

    Bunnyrabbit Program

    The Bunnyrabbit Program is directed at children in the ‘Active Start’ stage of development. This is the first level of the SDP program.

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    Jackrabbit Program

    The Jackrabbit Program is directed at children in the ‘FUNdamentals’ stage of development. This is the second level of the SDP program.

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    Track Attack Program

    The Track Attack Program is directed at children in the ‘Learning to Train’ stage of development. This is the third level of the SDP program.

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    Racing Rocks!

    Racing Rocks! is a skill development program dedicated to introducing children to the fun aspects of competition through a one-day extravaganza of special activities.

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