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    At the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games, Beckie Scott set cross-country skiing in Canada on a new path by winning our nation’s first Olympic medal in this most demanding of aerobic sports. In the ten years that followed, the stature of the sport grew steadily and dramatically: a sport system of increasing sophistication, productivity and self-confidence emerged; Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship titles were won; and the best of Canada’s cross-country athletes became recognized “stars” in the amateur sport galaxy. This kind of success in amateur sport doesn’t just happen. It isn’t a commodity that can be purchased, but at the same time it invariably requires significant, sustained and carefully allocated financial investment— among other essential ingredients such as passion, planning and teamwork.

    The resources contributed by Cross Country Canada’s private partners have been key to enabling Canada’s best cross-country skiers to make the leap from anonymity to front-page news. But the journey to the top of the cross-country ski world isn’t over. “It’s Our Time!” is the corporate strategy that our sport has adopted to take us the rest of the way. Once again, private partners will be critically important. There is room for you on the Team. Will you join us?

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