• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • NST Alumni

    In the spirit of Throwback Thursdays we are throwing it back to the National XC Team. These athletes represented our sport and country with pride and should be commended for their hard work and dedication. Where are these athletic stars now? Find out below:

    Alumni Member  
    Al Pilcher      1984-1992 
    Stephane Barrette 1989-1993
    Dave Nighbor 2001-2009
    Sara Renner 1992-2010
    Stefan Kuhn 2004-2012
    Alain Masson 1985-1992
    Gordon Jewett 1996-2006
    Courtney Knight 2008-2010
    Dave Rees 1962-1972
    Lisa Patterson 1986-1990
    Lucy Steele 1988-1997
    Milaine Theriault 1995-2002
    Sharon Firth 1970-1984
    Guido Visser 1993-1999
    Drew Goldsack 2000-2012
    George Grey 2000-2011

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