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    CCC’s National Sport Marketing Campaign

    In March 2013 Cross Country Canada launched a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign that showcased the universal appeal of cross-country skiing to Canadians of all ages and abilities. Geared towards increasing awareness as well as participation levels for the sport, the innovative campaign showcased the many advantages of cross-country skiing by indirectly targeting other sports with fun, catchy slogans, including:

    TV-Timeouts.jpg    Vikings.jpg
    Apres-ski.jpg     Retirement-Speeches.jpg 

    This fall CCC is pleased to provide a full roll-out of this campaign for use by its member clubs and divisional partners around the country. Clubs and divisions across the country are being provided with customizable print and digital templates of each of the 4 campaign ads. Clubs and divisions will be able to customize the posters and digital ads with their own logos, contact information and call-to-action messages. An example of this is illustrated below:

                           Your message or call to action here.                                               Your logo and contact info here.

    Clubs can access and customize the posters by contacting Cross Country Canada’s official printing partner, The Data Group. Posters are available in three sizes – 11”x17”, 13”x19” and 18”x26”. Pricing estimates are outlined below based on various print volumes.

    Size    1 Poster  10 Posters  25 Posters  50 Posters 100 Posters
    11" x 17" $72 $95 $129 $140 $163
    13" x 19" $128 $180 $185 $193 $207
    18" x 26" $133 $329 $655 $1,197 N/A

    Contact Jennifer Orton at Data Group at [email protected] or (403) 513-8209.

    You will be asked to provide the following information:

    • Requested poster(s), size and quantities. Size options are outlined above. Poster options are as follows: Apr├Ęs Ski, Retirement Speeches, TV Timeouts, Vikings
    • Your club logo (EPS, AI or vector format) and contact information
    • Your customized messaging for the bottom of the poster, up to a maximum of 60 characters (including spaces)
    Payment for print costs as well as any expenses related to design customization must be coordinated directly with Data Group. Payment by credit card will be required at time of order.

    Cross Country Canada would like to thank the team at Brandhealth Communications for their fantastic work in the creation of this unique campaign. Brandhealth is an independent marketing agency based in Peterborough, ON that specializes in health and well-being.

    “We wanted to give cross-country skiing the ‘cool factor’ that it deserves. Cross- country skiing is unlike any other sport. It’s completely pure. There is something about being in a forest in the middle of winter gliding across the snow that refreshes your body and mind. Are other sports envious of cross-country skiing? We think so.”    
    - Rick Kemp, Creative Director, Brandhealth                          


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