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    For general information on the benefits of being a CCC member, and an explanation of the services provided by CCC, please click on Benefits.

    There are two categories of individual member:
    Individual Member
    Anyone who is a member in good standing of a cross country ski club which is registered in a Division (provincial or territorial ski association) is automatically an Individual Member of CCC. Similarly, anyone who is a member in good standing of a Division, even though he or she may not belong to a cross country ski club, is also an Individual Member of CCC. Individual Members are allowed to attend Cross Country Canada meetings but do not have the right to vote.

    Individual Members pay an annual membership fee to their club or division. The amount of the fee is set by the CCC Board of Directors. Divisions collect the fee from their clubs and pass it on to the national organization. The amount of the membership fee which is paid to CCC is relatively small and is essentially "the cost of belonging".   These fees help to pay the administrative overhead costs of running a national organization.  

    Other fees which are paid to CCC - such as racing licence fees or skill development program registration fees - are user fees, which  help to defray the cost of maintaining the related national level program.

    If you wish to join a Club and become an Individual Member, click on Club Finder or Division Offices to find a Club near you.

    Supporting Member
    Supporting Members are members-at-large. They apply for membership directly to the National Office. Supporting Members receive a regular flow of information regarding developments in the Canadian cross-country skiing community. Through their membership fees, Supporting Members help to support the National Ski Team and other nationally-sponsored programs.

    To become a Supporting Member of CCC, send an email to [email protected].

    Voting Member
    Voting Members are the provincial and territorial ski divisions (associations). Voting members which are in good standing (i.e. pay an annual fee as set by the CCC Board of Directors) are entitled to attend meetings of Cross Country Canada and are the only membership category which may vote at these meetings.

    CCC By-Laws defining Memberhsip can be found in Article III, By-Laws 15-19 inclusive. Click on About to find the complete list of By-Laws and also the CCC Membership Policy, document 1.14 of Board Policies.

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