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  • Volunteer Wall of Fame

    As part of our on-going efforts to recognize and celebrate the incredible efforts of our volunteers, Cross Country Canada has introduced a Volunteer Wall of Fame to complement its Annual Volunteer Awards. We all recognize that volunteers strengthen our communities and make our country vibrant. The individuals below (listed in alphabetical order) have made a significant contribution to the local, regional and/or national development of cross-country skiing. Who are these incredible and generous individuals and why are they committed to volunteer? It’s time to find out! 
    View each of their profiles as they tell us why they volunteer, the most rewarding aspects about volunteering, and what they have to say about all the volunteers who make events possible.
    Together, let’s celebrate volunteerism!
    Dan Brisbin
    Jean Bristow
    Andrea Bundon
    Jim Burbee
    Claude Chabot
    Tony Chin Tony-Chin-headshot-(1).jpg
    Sharon Clarke  
    John Cowan
    Jacques Dumont  
    Linda Dunbar
    Blair Dunbar
    Nancy Flood
    Debra Friendly
    Miriam Green
    Hilary Johnstone
    Luc Jolicoeur
    Francine Laforce
    George LeFeuvre
    Delores Franz Los
    Jim McCarthy
    Pierre Millette
    Brent Murdoch
    Margot Murdoch
    Damian Panayi
    Dave Rees
    Gerry Rideout
    Ian Sibbald
    Lauren Silversides
    Rod Somppi
    Renée Thibeault
    Alain Vachon
    Alan White
    Sherryl Yeager

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