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  • Operational Committees

    Committee Purpose and Structure

    Operational Committees are comprised of volunteers and staff and serve to provide overall guidance and direction to the various activities through which CCC achieves its mission. In general, the Operational Committees are mandated by the Board of Directors to:

    • provide expert advice to the Executive Director, and to other Operational Committees as required;
    • direct the technical aspects of CCC operations in their assigned fields of responsibility;
    • and develop operational programs, plans and policies to govern their operation and to carry out their work.

    The Chairpersons of the Operational Committees report and are accountable to the Executive Director. The Executive Director, in turn, is accountable to the Board of Directors for the operation of the Operational Committees within Board policies.The Operational Committees are each supported by a designated staff person, who provides expert advice and a full-time capacity which enables the Committee to respond to time-sensitive matters.

    Operational Committees Terms of Reference

    Organizational charts

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