• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
  • Canadian University Alumni Ski to School Scholarship

    This scholarship is to be awarded to an individual who combines excellence in both academics and cross country skiing. The scholarship has been funded by Canadian university alumni cross country skiers and other interested parties to encourage students to continue to combine excellence in both academics and cross country skiing as they proceed with their post secondary, university or college education.

    Amount:   Value will depend on size of endowment and interest earned ($500.00)

    Criteria:   The applicant must meet the following requirements:

    • Individual must have achieved a grade average of B+ (80%) or above and demonstrated national level potential in cross country skiing;
    • Individual must be attending a Canadian post secondary or university educational institute as a full time student in the next academic year. The Selection Committee may consider individuals attending on a part time basis provided the individual will be completing a full academic year within a 12 month period;
    • Individual must be a licensed racer and a member of a ski club in Canada.

    Application process:  Each participant needs to provide the following:

    • a letter outlining, in 500 words or less, why they should be considered as a candidate for the scholarship;
    • a summary of racing experience and results;
    • information concerning other prizes, scholarships, or awards won in any endeavour;
    • an academic transcript; and
    • a letter of reference from their coach and/or local club.
    Apply for the 2018 Ski to School Scholarship

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