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    Club Podium is a National Racing Club Ranking system designed to recognize and promote club successes in regard to HP development specifically. Rankings will be established every spring based on athletes’ progression over the past racing season, the number of clubs’ NC licensed athletes and coaches, and participation in CCUNC ranking at Nationals.


    Clubs will receive points for the following HP development metrics:

    • Number of NC licensed athletes (as per final distance CPL)
    • Year Over Year (YOY) progression of athletes on the distance and sprint CPL
    • Athletes meeting International Points Benchmarks for their age on final distance and sprint CPL
    • Number of athletes taking part in CCUNC ranking at Nationals or in a sanctioned Para-Nordic race during the season
    • Number of NC licensed coaches and their NCCP status


    Several awards will be granted within three tiers of clubs ranked by the number of licensed skiers to account for the size of their racing programs:

    • Overall ranking (total points of all metrics)
    • Most improved clubs overall in % (vs previous year ranking)
    • Highest average CPL pts progression per athlete
    • Highest % increase in pts awarded for the number of licensed skiers in the club (vs previous year ranking)

    NB: in case of a tie between two clubs for a given award, the award will go to the most improved club overall (vs previous year ranking) between the two clubs.

    Club Podium awards will be presented at Nordiq Canada's Annual General Meeting in June of each year to clubs’ officials or their divisional representatives.

     Club Podium benefits:

     Club Podium ranking can be used by all clubs for the following purposes:

    •  Recognition and prestige used to support club recruitment, visibility and sponsorship
    • Sharing of best practices between clubs
    • Setting overall yearly performance objectives expressed in % of pts increases YOY (for example, increase membership points by 10%, athletes’ progression points by 15%, etc)

    2018-19 ranking and criteria

    2017-18 ranking and criteria

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