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    • New CCC/XC Ski Nation Technique Videos Added to CCC’s Athlete Development Matrix

      August 4, 2017

      As part of CCC’s ongoing partnership with XC Ski Nation, a new batch of dryland ski striding videos have been added to CCC’s Athlete Development Matrix (ADM) for CCC coaches. These videos cover the progression of teaching ski walking and ski bounding as well as drills, analysis and technique demos. Twenty new videos have been added in total. If you haven’t already signed up for CCC’s online ADM, you can sign up here.

      If you want more excellent technique videos or early access to more coproduced videos that will be posted on the CCC site please sign up for XC Ski Nation. Signing up through CCC’s helps fund CCC coach development programs.  

      Benefits to signing up for the XC Ski Nation website includes:

      • An ever-expanding course library that includes Explainer Courses, Ski Lessons and Drills;
      • A full Technique Demo Library with every skate and classic technique demonstrated by Canadian World Cup skiers;
      • Communal Technique Analysis, where members can submit video for feedback on their skiing technique. Analyzed videos are shared within the membership so everyone can learn from one another;
      • A Community Forum, where you can get ongoing support, answers to your questions as they arise and interact with the international membership.

      Enjoy the benefits of an XC Ski Nation membership and Support CCC

      By signing up to XC Ski Nation through CCC’s website, XC Ski Nation will donate a portion of the membership fee to CCC’s coach and athlete development programs.

      Please use the following link to join! : https://xcskination.com/CCC/1

      NB: This link uses cookies so that we can tell that you have signed up through CCC. So long as you do NOT block cookies or clear your cache, it will work. You are free to block cookies again when your registration is completed.

      More Details on XC Ski Nation offerings can be found here