Quotes from coaches after PD day at Ski Tour Canada

    March 15, 2016

    • “Thanks to Justin for taking a few minutes in his busy schedule to share with us his tips on the FIS seeding, a few pointers on best skate technique for offset, one skate, double pole used by the world cup skiers that can also apply to developing skiers for me coaching L2T or T2T skiers.”
    • “It was a highlight and outstanding in my opinion to hear all the Canadian skiers on Ski Tour Canada 2016 were integrated together as a team, collaborating and the support team of coaches, wax technicians, etc; working together for them to obtain their best results. I do believe it is important this similar approach is used throughout Canada, in divisions, regions and in clubs.”
    • “Without a doubt, the point that I have taken away from this experience is how much detail is spent on assuring that the athletes have nothing to think about except the race itself.”
    • “This experience has made me more aware that small things that can eliminate negative stress to the athletes must not be overlooked!  I have already put some of these in place at the O - Cup this past weekend and it was truly appreciated by the athletes.  I personally felt I was better organized to meet the needs of my athletes.”
    • « Ce que j’ai le plus retenu :   Le calme de Justin avant la course ; sa confiance envers l’équipe qui l’entoure :   Testeurs, farteurs, athlètes ! Le professionnalisme de Gestev dans l’organisation de cette course. »
    • « C’était juste « WOW » de voir à Montréal les meilleurs fondeurs au monde!    De voir la technique, la rapidité, la cadence ; où se situe-t-on par rapport aux autres nations ?   Ça amène une réflexion de voir plus loin, plus vite, plus haut que le simple fait d’être le meilleur club de la province, le meilleur club au Canada, il faut avoir une vision plus grande ! »
    • “I really appreciated Justin coming over and speaking with us afterwards about the strategy his athletes were going to focus on for the race the next day. Race day, one of my favorite parts was being able to watch the top 30 athletes pick their heats for the sprints. It was so cool to be so close to the action and the strategy involved! The overall feeling I was left with, was determination and hope for my own coaching path. Having the best in the world right in my own backyard, doing things that are not all that different from what I do with my athletes made the journey and my goals as a coach seem that much more achievable.”
    • “My day concluded with one of the best practices I have ever had with my skiers. We had the opportunity to hold our evening practice on the same race course my athletes had just watched the best in the world race on, and let me tell you they were inspired. I have NEVER seen them ski with so much heart and focus! It was such a magical moment, as coaches we all had chills the whole practice. Both myself and my athletes will never forget this experience.”
    • “This was a great chance to create connections with the national coaching staff. They were exceptionally friendly & welcoming, despite their limited time during the STC.  Their willingness to stop and chat with club coaches said a lot about their care about enriching the Canadian coaching pool.  I believe that these small learning opportunities with the mentorship program were a small but important ingredient to strengthening the coaching community in Canada.”
    • “Discussions with Justin and the rest of the support team were excellent. It was very interesting to watch our non world cup athletes and notice the strength speed differences. It allows me to see in greater detail what it would take to coach someone to have the possibility of being a world cup athlete.”
    • “I really loved the experience that my athletes had watching and meeting the World Cup athletes. I had one 10 year old athlete who got De Fabiani’s race bib after Quebec City and was wearing it under his race Jersey the next day during a local race. His parents said that he hardly took it off since he got it. It was really cool to see World Cup athletes become super stars in the same way that hockey players are super stars.”