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    • Canada Games Launches Apprenticeship Programs

      April 17, 2012

      Canada Games Launches Apprenticeship Programs for the Next Two Games
      The Canada Games Council is pleased to announce the launch of the 2013 and 2015 Canada Games Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program and Women in Coaching Program.

      The Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program (AACP) is a partnership between the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC), the Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Bodies (PTASB), the
      Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCR), the Canada Games Council (CGC) and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). The program provides the opportunity for each Province and Territory to send two coaches of aboriginal ancestry to the Canada Games in
      apprenticeship roles.

      “The Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program is a great opportunity for Aboriginal coaches in Canada who may not otherwise get a chance to participate in a high level games competition such as the Canada Games,” says Anthony SauvĂ©, Manager of Aboriginal Coach Development with the CAC. “The coaches who have flowed through this program have had the opportunity to be mentored under top level coaches in their respective sport discipline.”

      The WiC program is a partnership between the PTCR, the CGC and the CAC. This program provides the opportunity for each Province and Territory to send two female coaches to the Canada Games in apprenticeship roles.

      “The Women in Coaching Canada Games apprenticeship program is a tremendous sport partnership which enables aspiring women high performance coaches to get the necessary
      experience and training to advance their coaching education and skills,” says Sheilagh Croxon, WiC Program Consultant with the CAC. “To be involved in all aspects of training, receive support from an identified mentor coach, and to attend the Canada Games are all extremely valuable opportunities.”

      The purpose of the Canada Games apprentice coach programs is to provide aboriginal and women coaches with a practical and integrated major national multi-sport games experience.

      Selected coaches have direct involvement in preparation and competition and receive support from an identified mentor coach throughout the duration of the program.

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      “The introduction of the first Canada Games Apprentice Coach Program in 2005 has paved the way to increased participation of women and aboriginal coaches in the largest multi-sport event in Canada,” says Sue Hylland, President and CEO of the Canada Games Council. “We are
      proud to see so many coaches who have participated in the programs further their development and go on to coach at national and international competitions.”

      The Canada Games have featured apprenticeship coach programs in every Games since the 2005 Canada Summer Games in Regina, Saskatchewan. The 2005 through 2011 Canada
      Games have featured the WiC program, while the AACP was introduced originally as a pilot project for the 2009 and 2011 Canada Games.

      Peggy Falkenham-Boutilier values the role that the WiC Program has played in her development as a coach. “The program helped to model a way forward by helping define
      values, inspiring a vision, identifying opportunities, and fostering collaboration,” says Peggy, a Biathlon coach from Nova Scotia who participated in the 2011 WiC Program. “It cultured opportunities with other women in sport and those relationships are tremendously valuable. An
      opportunity like this kept me focused.”

      Hailing from Saskatchewan, Jonathan Smith was an Apprentice Coach at the 2009 Canada Games in PEI in wrestling. “Overall it's challenging to get coaching positions, but I'm in a much better position now,” Jonathan says. One of the pillars of the AACP states that ongoing professional development will play a crucial role in the overall success of the program.

      Jonathan has embraced this component and utilized the experience he gained at the Games to go on to coach the Carlton High School Wrestling team in Prince Albert as well as the University of Regina Wrestling team.

      Coaches interested in either the WiC Program or AACP at the 2013 and/or 2015 Canada Games should consult the program guidelines posted on the CGC website: