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    • 9 clubs to benefit from new AltaGas Club Coach Development Grants

      May 4, 2018

      The AltaGas Club Coach Development Grants is a CCC initiative aimed at supporting club coaches’ continuous professional development. Clubs’ funding is based on the demonstration of their capacity to develop junior athletes up to the targeted benchmarks for their age and stage of development.

      More specifically, Coach Development grants awarded to clubs are calculated on the basis of the number of junior athletes in the club meeting International Points Benchmarks for their age (distance or sprint), excluding full time National Development Center athletes, on the final regular Canadian Points List and per the following schedule:

      1st year junior BG IPB: $1500
      2nd year junior BG IPB: $2000
      1st year junior MW IPB: $3000
      2nd year junior MW IPB: $4000

      2017-18 IPB list:

      2018-19 grants per club

       Total grants: $30 500

      Program details with annex