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    The competition coaching-introduction (CCI) context is broken down into two steps:

    NCCP Context
    Context components
    LTAD Stage
    Athlete age
    Competition Coaching:
    Introduction (CCI – L2T)
    ·         L2T-dryland
    ·         L2T-on snow
    Learning to Train
    9 - 12 males
    8 - 11 females

    1-    Competition Coaching Introduction (L2T):
    The CCI (L2T) program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to: (1) create a fun, team-oriented environment that will motivate children to achieve their personal goals in sport and develop a lifelong interest in the fitness and health benefits of cross-country skiing; and (2) deliver a well-rounded sport program with an emphasis on skill development to children nine to 12 years of age (the L2T stage of development).
    a.   CCI (L2T) Dryland Workshop (19 hrs): This is the third step in the NCCP coach education program.  Coaches are taught about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, making ethical decisions, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (year-round), roller-skiing and planning a practice. Prerequisite: NCCP Community Coaching trained.
    b.   CCI (L2T) On-Snow Workshop (16,5 hrs): This is the second half of the CCI (L2T) program and the fourth step in the NCCP progression.  This workshop is designed to train coaches on team management, supporting athletes at a competition, teaching and learning, equipment selection, ski preparation and how to effectively teach intermediate-level ski technique. Successful completion of the NCCP CCI (L2T) Dryland Workshop is a prerequisite.
    Steps to NCCP Competition-Introduction Coach certification - updated Feb 2014 (view flowchart):
    1. Complete both L2T workshops
    2. Complete practical requirements for L2T (L2T experience form)
    3. Complete other tasks outlined on the L2T Certification Checklist
    4. Complete the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) “Making Ethical Decisions"(MED) evaluation for Comp-Int . This component is evaluated online by the CAC. 
    Standards of evaluations and details of portfolio items to provide (updated Feb. 2014):
    NB: only one practice plan is needed and should be the one used for the on-snow practice evaluation

    Coaches only need to complete the CCI training steps and become "trained" Competition-intro coaches to be eligible to initiate training in the next step in the NCCP progression: Competition-Introduction advanced

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