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    • Inspiring sick children with Paralympic Gold

      June 4, 2018

      Paralympic champion Mark Arendz visits with four-year-old Elliot Little at the IWK Health Centre.
      They boy is in hospital to undergo a procedure to improve his quality of life with cerebral palsy. 
      (Eric Woolliscroft/CBC)

      Canadian flag-bearer makes a trip home to the Maritimes to visit the children’s hospital

      When Paralympian Mark Arendz approaches, four-year-old Elliot Little is immediately enamoured with the athlete's medals, his tiny fingers wrapping around them as Arendz explains he won them in biathlon and cross-country skiing in Pyeongchang.

      "I made medals, too!" the child exclaimed. He had won an air hockey game at the IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax, where he was undergoing a procedure to improve his quality of life with cerebral palsy.

      Just a few minutes later he noticed the athlete's arm and reached out to grab it.

      "Why do you got a hook on you?" he asked in that blunt way only a child would.

      "Because I don't have my hand," says Arendz.

      "Where's your hand at?" Elliot persists. 

      "I lost my hand in an accident," Arendz explains ever so patiently.

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