UPDATED World Cup Final 2017 Team Announcement & Synopsis of Selection Process

    March 10, 2017

    This selection is based on the Amendment to the Selection Criteria for Competitions (23-Jan.-2017):

    The selection list was revised due to some CPL points errors in 7.5.f of the criterion.


    Congratulations to the following athletes nominated for selection to the 2017 World Cup Final in Quebec City March 17-19:


    Dahria Beatty                          NST - AWCA - Whitehorse

    Emily Nishikawa                      NST - Whitehorse

    Cendrine Browne                    NST - CNEPH – Fondeurs-Laurentides

    Katherine Stewart-Jones        NST - TBay NTDC - Nakkertok

    Sophie Carrier-Laforte            CNEPH - Skinouk

    Katie Weaver                          Hollyburn

    Annika Richardson                  T-Bay NTDC - Hollyburn

    Lisle Compton                          T-Bay NTDC - Kenora

    Annika Hicks                           AWCA Canmore Nordic

    Sadie White                             T-Bay NTDC Big Thunder

    Andrea Dupont                        Rocky Mountain Racers

    Frederique Vezina                  CNEPH Club Nordique MSA

    Jenn Jackson                          Lappe Nordic (declined)

    Alannah MacLean                   T-Bay NTDC Walden

    Mia Serratore                          T-Bay NTDC Big Thunder
    Laura Leclair                            Chelsea Nordiq


    Alex Harvey                            NST - CNEPH - Club Nordique Mont Ste Anne

    Devon Kershaw                      NST Onaping Falls

    Len Valjas                               NST - Team Hardwood

    Jess Cockney                         NST - Foothills Nordic

    Graeme Killick                          NST - Ptarmigan Nordic

    Knute Johnsgaard                   NST - AWCA Whitehorse

    Russell Kennedy                     Canmore Nordic

    Gareth Williams                       Telemark

    Andy Shields                           Lappe Nordic

    Bob Thompson                        T-Bay NTDC Team Hardwood

    Joey Foster                             Team Hardwood

    Julien Locke                            NST - AWCA - Blackjack

    Evan Palmer-Charrette            T-Bay NTDC - Lappe

    Brian McKeever                      PNST

    Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier       CNEPH Fondeurs-Laurentides



    For logistical information, please read FIS World Cup Finals March 17-19 Preliminary Logistical Information for Canadian Athletes



    Athletes were ranked in the following order up to the maximum of Canada’s WC quota:


    a)    7.5.a World Senior Championship Team: Alex Harvey, Devon Kershaw, Len Valjas, Graeme Killick, Knute Johnsgaard, Jess Cockney, Emily Nishikawa, Dahria Beatty, Cendrine Browne, Katherine Stewart-Jones. Olivia Bouffard-Nesbitt declined due to injury and rehabilitation)


    b)    7.5.b Male and female FIS COC leaders at the end of WC Period 3. Maya Mcissaac-Jones (declined due to injury and rehabilitation), Russell Kennedy.


    c)    7.5.c Athletes scoring WC points in the 2016-17 season with the following exception. “The High Performance Director (HPD) can bring to the Selection Committee a recommendation to adjust, in whole or part, a World Cup event. This will be based on analysis of depth of field considering time behind the winner (FIS points), an analysis of the top 6, top 12 and top 16 individual athletes in the race based on World Cup ranking, World Cup points, total FIS points of athletes in the race and any other factors that allow for a fair and equitable World Cup depth of field analysis.” 

    *PyeongChang World Cup results between 20 and 30 were not considered based on an analysis of the depth of field at this event. The CPL results from these races were evaluated in the selection process 7.5.f.


    d)    7.5.d Athletes with a top 12 individual final result at the 2017 U23-World Junior Championships. Gareth Williams


    e)    7.5.e The top ranked woman and man on 2016-17 NorAm ranking based on the following:

                             i.         4 best sprint (final results) and/or distance races;

                            ii.         The ranking list will only include Canadian skiers;

                           iii.         If the top ranked woman or man is the COC leader or is otherwise ranked under 7.4 a), c) or d), the next ranked athlete will be selected.

    Sophie Carrier-Laforte, Andy Shields


    f)     7.5.f The HPD made recommendations to the World Cup coaching team and the selection committee to select additional skiers based on international and domestic results. The period between Jan.28 and March 5 was evaluated with the addition of the Jan.12 skate sprint to have enough skate sprints considered in the selection period. Best 2 races sprint and/or distance were evaluated using CPL data. **The following FIS races were not used in the CPL data due to lack of depth in the competitive field: Korean National Championships and the Eastern Cup – Rikkert, Vermont


                    i.         The top ranked women combining the best 2 races:

    Andrea Dupont: 182.38

    Katie Weaver: 182.17

    Sadie White: 181.58

    Frederique Vezina: 180.94

    Mia Serratore: 180.79

    Annika Richardson: 179.04

    Annika Hicks:

    Alannah MacLean: 177.96

    Laura Leclair: 176.19

    Lisle Compton: 173.52

                            Jenn Jackson: 176.91 (declined nomination)


                   ii.         The top ranked men combining the best 2 races:


    Brian McKeever: 189.51

    Ricardo Izquierdo-Bernier: 188.64

    Joey Foster: 188.54

    Evan Palmer-Charrette: 188.24

    Bob Thompson: 187.84

    Julien Locke: 187.77

    Alternate: Michael Somppi 187.51





    Best Wishes from the selection committee to all the selected athletes and staff for a successful World Cup event in Quebec City.


    Stéphane Barrette       CCC Director of Coach and Athlete Development

    Richard Lemoine         CCC High Performance Committee

    Thomas Holland           CCC High Performance Director