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    • Under 23 and Jr. World Championship Team - Announcement and Synopsis of Selection Process 2013

      January 7, 2013

      The following athletes are selected to the Junior and U23 World Championship Teams competing in Liberec, Czech Republic (Jan.20 - 27, 2013). Event website: http://www.liberec2013.cz/en/

      Junior World Championships

      Frédérique Vézina                     Club Nordique M.S.A - CNEPH
      Maya MacIssac-Jones               Rocky Mountain Ski Racers
      Cendrine Browne                       Fondeurs - CNEPH
      Katherine Stewart-Jones            Nakkertok
      Anne-Marie Comeau                 Club Nordique M.S.A - CNEPH
      Raphaël Couturier                      Skibec – CNEPH
      Alexis Turgeon                           Skinouk - CNEPH
      David Palmer                             Black Jack
      Ezekiel Williams                         Nakkertok
      Scott Hill                                   Team Hardwood – NDC TBay

      U23 World Championships

      Andrea Lee                               Strathcona Nordic – NDC TBay
      Marlis Kromm                           Foothills Nordic - AWCA
      Heidi Widmer                            Foothills Nordic – AWCA
      Annika Hicks                             Canmore Nordic – AWCA
      Andy Shields                             Lappe – NDC TBay
      Patrick Stewart-Jones                Nakkertok - AWCA
      Russell Kennedy                        Canmore Nordic - AWCA
      Colin Abbott                             Whitehorse

      Selection Synopsis

      The following athletes are selected to the World U23 and Junior World Championships in accordance with 9.8 of the criteria.

      1.       Criteria 9.b: In accordance with the criteria the race winners in each event, including each of the four categories (U23 men and women; Junior men and women) were selected as follows:

      Frédérique Vézina                    Junior Women – 10K skiathlon
      Maya MacIssac-Jones             Junior Women – sprint
      Cendrine Browne                     Junior Women - 10K fr
      Raphaël Couturier                    Junior men – 20K skiathlon, 10K fr
      Alexis Turgeon                         Junior men - sprint
      Andrea Lee                              U23 women – 15K skiathlon
      Marlis Kromm                          U23 women – sprint
      Annika Hicks                            U23 women - 10k fr
      Andy Shields                            U23 men – 30K skiathlon
      Patrick Stewart-Jones               U23 men – sprint
      Russell Kennedy                       U23 men – 15K fr

      3.       Criteria 9.8.c: The remaining positions up to four men and 4 women for each class were selected considering on the balance between sprint and distance athletes based on consideration of the ranking lists (refer to 6.8.c) for men and woman from the designated selection events.

      Junior Women

      •         Katherine Stewart-Jones was selected considering her third overall placing on the distance ranking list(172.11 CPL) including a 2nd place finish in the pursuit and 2nd place finish in the skiathlon10K;

      •         Anne-Marie Comeau was selected based on a force majeure. Due to illness, Anne-Marie did not race at the trials event. Anne-Marie was selected based on her demonstrated international potential to achieve the objectives in the criteria based on her results at the Canmore World Cup, NorAm events in December 2012 and her 18th place finish at the WJC 2012. 

      Junior Men

      •          David Palmer was selected based on being second on the distance ranking list (184.14 CPL) including 2nd place finish in the pursuit and15K...

      •          Ezekiel Williams was selected based on being third on the distance ranking list (183.75 CPL) including a 2nd place finish in the sprint, a 3rd place finish in the pursuit and a 3rd place finish in the 15K.

      •          Scott Hill was selected based on being 4th on the distance ranking list (183.34) including 6th in the pursuit and 4th in the15K.

      U23 Women

      •         Heidi Widmer was selected based on force majeure. Due to a significant fall in the sprint heats, Heidi was eliminated from the sprint competitions and was diagnosed with a possible concussion. Due to this mishap and based on medical advice, Heidi did not race in the 10K free event. Heidi was selected based on her demonstrated international potential to achieve the objectives in the criteria based on her previous international and domestic results. Consideration was also given to Heidi’s 2nd place finish in the pursuit and 2nd place qualifier position in the sprint,

      No other U23 women were selected from the distance ranking list due to not being able to meet the U23 IPB distance standards(refer to 9.7 in the criteria) and being too far behind the distance ranking leaders in total CPL.. 

      U23 Men

      •       Colin Abbot was selected on being 3rd on the distance ranking list (186.44 CPL). Colin placed 3rd in the skiathlon and 4th in the sprint.

      Best Wishes from the selection committee to all the selected athletes and staff for a successful Championship in Liberec.

      Michael Badham           CCC High Performance Committee
      Lisa Patterson               U23-WJC Trip Leader, CCC HP Coordinator, Eastern Canada
      Stéphane Barrette         CCC Director of Coach and Athlete Development
      Godefroy Bilodeau        participating under a Level 5 coaching assignment
      Thomas Holland            CCC Director of High Performance