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    • Selection criteria for the 2014-15 National Talent Squad program

      March 5, 2014

      The National Talent Squad program identifies approximately 20 young athletes both male and female between the age of 15 and 18 as future Training Centre athletes. The program is coordinated by CCC but delivered by the four National Development Centres (NDC’s) across Canada.  The goal of the National Talent Squad (NTS) program is to help prepare athletes for a training centre in the future.  By working with the NDC’s, they will gain the skills and knowledge required for a more seamless transition into a training centre within the coming years.

      Targeted group:

      • Best junior boys/girls (16-17) and considerations for top 15 year olds and possible 18 year olds that are late starters or demonstrating a strong progression (while not on a NDC already).
      • Full-time NDC athletes not eligible
      • Balanced number of female athletes vs male athletes 

      Team size: approximately 10 males and 10 females across the country and 1 coach from each represented club. CCC will provide partial but meaningful funding to assist NTS athletes and coaches with travelling and accommodation expenses when attending NDC camps or visiting NDC for regular “at home” training.

      Criteria: A selection committee will consider the following markers to select athletes based on the following priorities:

      1. Aggregate results of the Junior boys/girls category at 2014 Nationals
      2. Ranking on Junior NST list as of April 1st, 2014 (see National Ski Team selection criteria)
      3. Discretionary choices for Force Majeure
      4. Possible discretionary choices of athletes not quite ranking high enough on selection lists (under either 1 or 2 above) but that show a significant interest and commitment to their development and that have very few other HP development opportunities in their divisions. Recommended by the HP development coordinator.

      National Talent Squad program components:

      • Personal club coaches are welcome to seek advice or input from NDC coaches to help design their NTS athletes’ Yearly Training Plans
      • Invitation and attendance of athletes and club coaches to a targeted NDC camp or home base training (including evaluations, presentations, etc) between April and November. These opportunities will benefit the athletes but may also benefit the athletes’ personal coaches depending on their state of professional development;
      • Potential occasional visits of NDC coach to the athletes and their club (depending on availability);
      • Ongoing communication and follow up between NDC coaches, the NTS athletes and their club coaches (suggested every 4-6 weeks);
      • Naturally occurring mentoring/counseling from older athletes at the NDC. 

      NTS Athlete Condition of Acceptance:

      The NTS athlete prior to accepting their nomination must be able to accept the terms of participation as listed below:

      a)     Complete questionnaire on goals as an athlete, strengths and weaknesses

      b)   Attendance at minimum of either 1 NTS Camp and/or NDC home based training, between April and November.