NST 2019-20 Training Schedule

    April 11, 2019

    Training Camp Plan 2019-2020


    Canmore  AB

    June 25 – July 9

    WC, SR Dev, JR Dev, Invites

    Focus: Speed, volume, physiological and athlete technique testing

    Junior Dev athletes will join the camp July 2. Physiological and technique testing.


    August 3 - 15

    JR Dev, Invites

    Focus: International training and competition experience

    Training with international juniors.

    Tremblant  QC

    August 19-31

    WC, SR Dev

    Focus: Technique, volume and increase training intensity

    Volume focus, introducing intensity

    Thunder Bay  ON

    September 24-Oct 6

    WC, SR Dev

    Focus: Refining technique and increased intensity

    Less volume, increase training intensity, more focus on hard sessions. Technique efficiency at all speeds and stages of fatigue.

    Canmore  AB

    Oct 23 – Oct 31 Optional Team Training

    All NST Optional

    Team and individual athlete training sessions with NST coaches.

    Canmore  AB

    Nov 1 – Nov 16

    All NST, Invites

    Focus: Technique, pacing and controlled intensity. Athlete testing

    Athlete testing and medical evaluations. Back on snow technique. Big volume with less intensity but some sessions off snow to not over do it. Building up for the first test race. At the end of the camp a test race with video analysis and evaluation.

    Frozen Thunder


    Nov 13-14 (TBC)

    All NST

    First season race

    Schedule is subject to change