• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Drammen and Oslo World Cups March 2015 - Team announcement and Synopsis of selection process

      March 10, 2015

      The following athletes are selected to the Drammen and Oslo, Norway World Cups March 11, 14, 15 (Sprint C and 30/50km F)

      Alex Harvey                            CNEPH – NST
      Ivan Babikov                           NST
      Len Valjas                               NST
      Emily Nishikawa                     AWCA – NST 



      1. Trip Purpose:
        1. Provide WC starts for athletes who have achieved, or have shown potential to achieve, red group status in order to meet established FIS and CCC international benchmarks.
        2. Provide WC starts for developing athletes, based on available WC quota and available support, who have shown potential to achieve top 30 WC benchmarks.
      1. Trip Objectives:
        1. Podium and top 12 results.
        2. Achieve and/or maintain red group status based on consistent scoring of WC points with all WC team athletes in the red group at the end of the 2014/15 season
      1. Team Size: Dependent on Canada’s WC quota, the purpose and objectives of the criterion, selection ranking, FIS standards and budget limitations.



      The following athletes are selected to this trip in accordance with 12.4 of the Selection Criteria which outlines the selection priorities and ranking:

      1. Athletes with a top 12 distance or top 12 sprint result on the 2014-15 WC or 2015 WSC will be selected. Athletes will be ranked according their single best result. Alex Harvey, Ivan Babikov
      2. Athletes in the current FIS red group and athletes having been on the podium at World Cup or World Senior Championships in the last 2 years may be selected. Athletes will be ranked according to their to their single best 2014-15 WC and WSC result. Alex Harvey, Devon Kershaw declined due to illness
      3. The NST Head Coach in collaboration with the WCT coaches may recommend additional athletes to the HPD based on demonstrated and compelling reasons for selection that are evidence based in order to substantiate the recommendations. This could include the top 3 leaders in the Haywood FIS NorAm COC series. Len Valjas considering that he is 31st on the sprint red group list; participating in the Drammen sprint could close that gap. He has 3 top 20 WC results and a WSC result of 14th.
      4. Male and Female NorAm FIS COC Series leaders for FIS WC period 3. Emily Nishikawa, Michael Somppi declined.