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    • AMENDMENT: Canada's FIS Continental Cup Series 2012-13

      January 30, 2013

      Amendment 30-Jan-2013
      Rationale: Due to the omission of any reference in the series scoring to the NorAm races in period 3, it was necessary to amend the entitlements in Section 4 and the scoring system in Section 5.
      Amended text: Can be found in 4.2.b & c and 5.c
      1.   FIS Objectives: In 1995 Continental Cups series’ were introduced by FIS as a reaction to the reduction of large starting fields on the on the World Cup due to the introduction of the FIS minimum points standards for participation in World Cups. This resulted in smaller national WC quotas. In 2004-05, as a reaction to the decreased WC quotas and to assist in athlete development, the COC series winners or current COC series leaders were treated in the same way as members of the Red Group for participation in the World Cup.
      2.   CCC Objectives: To create a competitive opportunity, through the NorAm series, to provide WC starts that stimulate the transition from NorAm racing to future WC Red Group level athletes and WC/WSC/OWG medalists.
      1.   Nations can apply for FIS to designate as a “FIS Continental Cup Series” domestic race events that meet specified FIS criteria. In receiving official designation for such a series, host nations gain access to additional World Cup quota, an important component in preparing Canadian athletes for future WSC and Olympic competitions.
      2.   For the 2012-13 season, Haywood NorAm, and Ski Nationals competitions referenced in 3.0 have been designated as Canada’s FIS Continental Cup Series. All designated competitions will be FIS-sanctioned. All competitors entered in the Open classes will be eligible for points allocated for the Series standings and aggregate winners.
      3.   CCC’s Director of High Performance reserves the right to decide whether Canada will utilize additional World Cup quota positions allocated by FIS in consideration of Canada’s FIS Continental Cup Series. The decision will be based on factors that include the NST selection criteria, the NST budget, World Cup scheduling (i.e. competition formats, distances and locations), the athlete’s ability to compete in all of the scheduled events, proven potential to ski in the top half of the World Cup and the ability of the NST to provide technical support. 
      The following table identifies eligible competitions: 
      Period 1
      December 1, 2
      Canmore Nordic
      Haywood NorAm, WC Trials
      Sp F
      15/20 Cl
      December 8, 9
      Sovereign Lake
      Haywood NorAm,
      10/15 Cl Mass Start,
      10/15 F Interval start
      Period 2
      January 3, 5, 6
      Lappe Nordic
      Haywood NorAm, WJr / U23 Trials
      Skiathlon 30/15 km
      Sprint Cl
      10/15 F Interval Start
      January 26, 27
      Highlands Nordic
      Haywood NorAm –
      Sprint Cl
      Middle Distance F (10/15 km)
      February 1 - 3
      Haywood NA Eastern Canadians (Mini Tour)
      Sprint Cl
      10/15 F
      15/30 Cl (HC-MS)
      Period 3
      February 22, 23, 24
      Grande Prairie, Wapiti Nordic
      Haywood NorAm Western Canadians (Mini-Tour)
      1.4 Sprint F
      10/15 interval start  Cl
      Pursuit (HC-MS) F (15/30 km)
      Period 4
      March 23 - 30
      Whistler Olympic Park
      Haywood Ski Nationals
      Sprint Finals
      5/10 F Interval start
      10/15 Cl Interval start
      Sprint Cl
      20/30 F MS
      a.   FIS will authorize the following additional quota entitlements for 2012-13 based on the FIS points lists for each World Cup period:
      The leaders (male and female) of all COC Cups after each World Cup period may have the right to start in the World Cup during the next World Cup period. These athletes have to reach the World Cup entry requirements. Those competitors must have a FIS code and have reached at least one (1) result better than or equal to 60 FIS points (Men Distance), 90FIS points (Women Distance) and 120.00 FIS points (Women and Men Sprint) during the last 365 days.
      a)       The series winners (male and female) from 2012-13 may have entitlement to start in the first World Cup period in the following year (beginning 2012-13 season).
      b)      Up to three women and men may have the right to start outside of the quota in March 2013. The athletes have to reach World Cup entry requirements. All requirements are fixed in the Continental Cup rules 2012-13 ((Refer to:http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/disciplines/cross-country-rules/cross-country-rules/wcandcoc.html)
      c)       In accordance with FIS rules for the Tour de Ski, COC series leaders are not entitled to enter these events.
      b.   In consideration of the factors in 2.3 and 4.1 of this document, CCC will use only the following additional quota entitlements based on the NST fielding full World Cup teams in these World Cup periods:
      a)   The series leaders from the 2011-12 season will have entitlement to the November and December 2012 World Cups.
      b)  The series leaders as of Feb. 3, 2013 may have entitlement for the FIS World Cup period 3. To be eligible for WC period 3, athletes must also qualify for the 2013 WSC, as there is only one weekend of WC racing in this period.
      c)   The series leaders as of February 24, 2013 may have entitlement for the FIS period 4 (March) and the WC Final.
      d)   2012-13 Series winnersmay have entitlement for the November/December 2013 FIS World Cup period #1 subject to the development of the NST budget and plan for 2013-14.
      1.   The scoring system in the 2012-13 Haywood NorAm Technical Package, (refer to http://www.cccski.com/getmedia/20a98f35-6266-44df-8357-a0a75e649f1b/2013NorAmTP-Oct-9.pdf.aspx) will be used to determine the leaders throughout the Series. Points will be assigned to only the top 30 competitors in the open categories of each race in the Series based on finish placings; these points will be awarded regardless of national affiliation. The winners of individual and multi-stage races will receive 100 points. The Haywood NorAm Technical Package also outlines the principles to be applied for any tie-breaking situations. Refer to the Haywood NorAm Technical Package under section 11.3. Cancellation of any race in the series will result in a review of the number of best results to be considered in each period; this reassessment will be made by the High Performance Committee.
      a.   The series leaders as of Dec.16, 2012 will be determined using an athlete’s best 2 results considering the single best sprint and distance race from Period One. NOTE: If an athlete’s results from the first period are used for any of the other periods, this will only include the single best sprint and/or distance race from this period. This adjustment is being made due to the conflicting schedule between the Quebec World Cup and the Sovereign NorAm races.
      b.   The series leaders as of Feb.3, 2013 will be determined using an athlete’s best 7 results considering sprint and distance events in the series using a maximum of one distance result from period one.
      c.   The series leaders as of Feb.24, 2013 will be determined using an athlete’s best 9 results considering sprint and distance events in the series using a maximum of one distance race from period 1
      d.   The series winners for 2012-13 will be determined using an athlete’s best 15 results considering the following: best sprint and distance result from period 1, and/or sprint and distance results from periods 2, 3 and 4.
      Approved by CCC's High Performance Director, Oct. 29, 2012; Amended Jan.30, 2013