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  • National Development Centre Comparison

    Note: The following is a draft comparison of CCC's four National Development Centres based on survey results submitted by each training centre. This document is a work in progress. For complete and current details on each training centre please consult the training centre websites or contact the centre directly (contact details below). NDC representatives are asked to review and suggest changes as appropriate to ensure this information is accurate and up to date.

    CVTC (Whistler) AWCA (Canmore) TBTC (Thunder Bay) CNEPH (QC / Mt Ste Anne)
    http://cvtc.ca/ www.albertaworldcup.com
    www.ntdc-tbay.on.ca www.cneph.ca
    Program Fees and Other Costs
    Total program costs are similar across the four training centres, however there are some differences based on what is included in each Team Fee and what is covered by the athlete. For details on program fees and related costs please consult the training centre websites or contact the representative listed below.
    Are designated athlete accommodations available? If yes, what is the cost?
    Yes, WSL Townhouse Rental Units within the Whistler Athlete Village complex. Cost range is $443 to $627/month. The AWCA has several options for athlete re-locating to Canmore. WinSport houses, Billets or assistance through various property managers. AWCA will work with athletes on their accommodations to ensure a comfortable environment. Cost range in Canmore is approx. $350 to $500 per month. The Board and staff work with athletes to find good, local accommodations. Rental costs are quite low – approx. $300-$400.
    Most rental proporties are within walking distance of the University.
    CNEPH offers free lodging at the foot of Mont Sainte Anne between the months of May and November.
    Is there a meal program available? If yes, what is the cost?
    No. Full kitchen facilities in townhouses. No No No
    What is the proximity to the nearest airport?
    115 km from Whistler to Vancouver International Airport 75 minutes (120km) from Canmore to Calgary International Airport 15 minutes by car to Thunder Bay Airport Airport is about 15km from downtown Quebec City and 56km from Mont Sainte Anne
    Are most training facilities and locations within walking distance or accessible by public transit?
    Some Yes Some Yes
    Is team transportation available for all workouts?
    Yes Yes, if it is a designated team workout Yes - staff picks up athletes in team van for daily training Yes
    Key Coaches and Team Staff:

    Chris Manhard (CVTC Head Coach) - former BC Ski Team and Provincial Training Centre athlete who represented Canada at World Junior Championships in 1994. Was head coach for the Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club and BC Ski Team prior to accepting the position of head coach for NDC – Callaghan Valley in 2010. Currrently an NCCP Level 3 certified coach and is scheduled to complete the NCI Diploma program in September.

    Graham Maclean (CVTC Assistant Coach/Wax Technician) - former BC team athlete and two-time National Jr Championships aggregate winner. Spent many years as a wax technician and technical support specialist with the National Ski Teams before joining Chris at the Training Centre in 2010. Graham is a trained NCCP CCI Advanced coach.

    Maria Lundgren (CVTC Assistant Coach) - former member of the Swedish National Junior Team. Was head coach of the Whistler Nordic Ski Club and BC Development Squad before becoming a part-time coach with the Training Centre in 2011. Currently working on NCCP Comp-Dev training and will become a full-time coach with the Centre in 2013-14.

    Chris Jeffries (Women's Coach)

    • 10 years as a National Ski Team member
    • 2006 Olympian


    Stefan Kuhn (Men's Coach)

    • 7 years as a National Ski Team member
    • 2010 Olympian


    TBD (Assistant Coach - Women's Team)

    Mike Cavaliere (Program Director, Men's Team Coach)

    • 16 years of coaching experience
    • Level 4 National Coaching Institute
    • 2006 Olympic Coach


    Timo Puiras (Head Coach)

    Victor Wiltmann (Assistant Coach/Equipment Manager) - Comes from an academic background from a research institute in Finland where he completed his Masters degree in Cross Country Skiing Sprint starts. Has some experience racing as a junior an the University level.

    Eric Bailey (Executive Director)

    Louis Bouchard - Head Coach – Full-time CNEPH

    François Pepin - Coach – Full-time CNEPH

    Sacha Bergeron - Head Wax Technician and Technical Coordinator

    Lee Churchill - Assistant Coach

    Charles Castonguay - Assistant Coach

    Integrated support team services:
    Team Physician - Dr. Kristen Johnson
    Massage - Melanie Barnabe
    Physiotherapy - Sean Campbell
    Nutrition - Dana Lis
    Mental Training - Larry Abbott / Shannon Thompson
    Physiology - Melissa Lacroix
    Strength & Conditioning - Eugene Lang

    Team Physician - Dr. Peter Sullivan
    Team Physiotherapy - Hugh Simson http://www.onewellnessandspa.com/about-us/our-team
    Yoga Instructor - Tracy Delfs http://www.balancequest.net/
    Strength and Conditioning - Robert Soffer, CEP, CSCS, CISSN, FMS, PES
    Strength and Conditioning - Shelley Collier, B Sci (Ex Sci), CPT, EMT
    AWCA also has access to various massage therapists and psychologists. Because of the personal nature of both of these fields choices are very individual
    Massage: Kelly Doromko
    Chiropractic: Dr. Rodney Pummula
    Sports Psych: Dr. John Gotwals
    Exercise Physiology: Rob Rupf
    Physiotherapy: Brian Rosina
    Team Physician: Nicki Wilberforce
    Nutritionist: Trionne Moore
    Strength, Conditioning & Biomechanics - Charles Castonguay
    Team Physician - Mireille Belzile
    Physio - Isabelle Trottier
    Osteopath - Anne David
    Massage - Sara-Emmanuel Côté
    Nutrition - Annie Motard-Bélanger
    Sport Psychologist - Alain Vigneault
    Physiology - Normand Teasdale
    Medical, Sport Science and Lab Support - Julie Turmel
    Description of facilities: Strength training, cardio, recovery, roller ski track, ski trails, other.
    CVTC is headquartered at the Whistler Athlete Centre which includes an Olympic-legacy High Performance Centre with a 4,000 sqft strength/conditioning gym, human performance testing lab, meeting room, contrast bath and regeneration room and the CVTC office. The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic competition venue (Whistler Olympic Park) is located approx. 15 mins from the Athlete Centre. This includes a 137km network of ski trails. The venue also has 5km of roller ski trails plus many km of access roads suitable for roller skiing. 5km of lit trails, permanent buildings with meeting rooms, food service and showers are also incorporated into the venue. Ski season extends from early Nov. to June. The Lost Lake Ski Area is located 15 mins from the Athlete Centre in the opposite direction from WOP. Their system provides over 30km of trails, lit trails and a day lodge in downtown Whistler. This facility operates from Dec. to March. In addition there are 42km of paved trails suitable for roller skiing within the Municipality. The AWCA is located at the Canmore Nordic Centre where we have the following on site: full weight training facility (includes running and roller skiing treadmills), contrast bath and regeneration room, video analysis room, 100 of kms of safe roller ski options, onsite wax rooms and of the course the Canmore Nordic Centre one of the premiere facilities in the world. Canmore has the longest ski season in Canada, October 15th to end of May (approx.) 3 high-quality, full-service trail networks exist near the city, 2 of which have lit trails and wax room facilities (not to mention Lappe’s World Famous finnish pancakes). Ski facilities are in great condition and Thunder Bay regularly hosts Noram level competitions. NDC athletes receive free passes to all ski facilities. Strength training facilities: Access to high-end, full-service, private gym (Free membership included). Plenty of local good rollerskiing bike paths and public roads.
    CNEPH uses two gym facilities - one situated at the Cardinal-Roy school in Quebec and another at Sainte-Anne de Beaupre just 6km from Mont Sainte Anne. There are no dedicated roller ski trails in close proximity to MSA but a 5km trail is under development and hopefully will be built in summer 2013.
    Number of athletes currently in the program
    9 20 10 9
    Gender-specific programs available?
    Not available at this time. Yes. AWCA has separate gender teams which have thier own support staff. NDC’s Philosophy encourages gender specific initiatives (ex. hosting female only training sessions open to all local skiers). Opportunities are provided and encouraged for athletes to travel to special training camps that are gender-specific.
    Training programs are customized for each athlete
    Current athlete to coach ratio (based on full-time equivalent coach and assistant coach positions).
    4.5 to 1 6 to 1 5 to 1 4.5 to 1
    Primary language of coaching / services:
    English Primarily English Coaching services are minimal in French, but other services can be provided in french. English and French
    Access to nearby post-secondary educational institutions and educational support provided by the NDC (mentoring, tutoring, etc.):
    Quest, a private university offering a liberal arts program is located in Squamish. There is also a community college program available in Squamish. Distance educational opportunities available through various institutions. The Alberta World Cup Academy is located in Canmore, the University of Calgary in 50 minutes away. Distance Ed. Opportunities available through Athabasca and other institutions. NDC-Thunder Bay has a dedicated staff person and an academic liaison on the Board of Directors who works directly with the University/College to make sure the athletes’ needs are met both academically and athletically. A very strong partnership with Lakehead University has been developed.

    Lakehead University also has an Academic Advisor who works directly with the NDC-Thunder Bay athletes to help with course selection or if any issues arise academically throughout the year.
    CÉGEP Garneau - Sport studies program
    CÉGEP Limoilou - Sport studies program
    CÉGEP Sainte-Foy - Sport studies program
    Université Laval
    Program governance and administration:
    CVTC operates under the umbrella of Cross Country BC, but is set up to become a society of it's own with a constitution/bylaws and Board of Directors. The CVTC Board oversees all aspects of the Training Centre including Training Centre staff, while utilizing Cross Country BC staff resources such as their Marketing Coordinator, Bookkeeper and Auditor. The CVTC Head Coach oversees the day to day operations of the Centre, including staff. The AWCA is accountable to the following:
    • AWCA volunteer committee, The Alberta World Cup Society,
    • Cross Country Canada, Cross Country Alberta.
    • AWCA employs 4 coaches and 1 part-time accountant
    NDC-Thunder Bay is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers.

    NDC-Thunder Bay is accountable to Cross Country Canada and has a close working relationship with Cross Country Ontario.

    NDC-Thunder Bay employs 3 staff who report to the Board of Directors – 2 coaches as well a part-time Executive Director dedicated to administration involving financials, media, sponsorship.
    Administrative board / council consisting of the following volunteers: Georges Bertrand (Président), Pierre Harvey, André Lepage, Jimmy Gagné, François Berthiaume, Maryse Brouillette
    Contact name and info:
    Maria Lundgren
    (604) 906-1081

    Chris Manhard
    (604) 698-8512
    Mike Cavaliere
    (403) 678-1441
    Timo Puiras (Head Coach)
    (807) 632-4489

    Eric Bailey (Executive Director)

    Louis Bouchard

    Georges Bertrand
    (418) 571-0792