• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • NDC/CCO Team goes to Oslo, Norway - January 2014

      October 31, 2013


      This winter CCO, in partnership with the NDC Thunder Bay, will be leading a team of Ontario athletes to Oslo, Norway. The itinerary will include training and competing in races in and around Oslo.

      A goal of Cross Country Ontario’s High Performance program is to prepare athletes for international excellence. As a province we have had success in placing our athletes onto World Junior teams but feel we can do more to help optimize performance at international races. A lack of international racing experience is a weakness amongst our skiers. In a continued bid to improve the quality of preparation we afford our athletes CCO & NDC will be participating in a series of two Provincial races in and around Oslo this Jan. The trip will be led by Provincial Head Coach Pavlina Sudrich and National Development Centre Coach Victor Wiltmann and up to 8 athletes.

      Details: http://www.xco.org/hp/temporar/14_01-27_Oslo%20Announcement.pdf