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    • AWCA Christmas Tree Fundraiser

      November 19, 2014

      After a successful first year, we are running our Christmas Tree fundraiser again this December.  Come get into the Christmas spirit and support our local development athletes.
      Location: Rebound Cycle, Canmore, AB
      Dates: Nov. 28th - Dec. 21
      Hours: Fridays 3:30-6:00pm and Saturdays/Sundays 10:30am-4:30pm
      Cash or cheque 
      If you are interested in volunteering at our tree lot, please contact me.  We are offering a 50% discount to all volunteers.
      Thanks for your continued support and look forward to seeing everyone on the trails this winter!
      Chris Jeffries

      Please support the AWCA Christmas Tree Fundraiser


      The Fraser Fir may be the perfect holiday tree. Its attractive 1" needles are silvery-green and soft to the touch. Because there is space between the branches, the Fraser is easier to decorate than most trees. The firm branches hold heavier ornaments. The trees grow to almost perfect shapes, and as long as the cut tree is kept properly watered, the Frasier Fir has excellent needle retention.

      The BC Douglas Fir is considered to be our home team tree. Grown in the Kootenay region, these trees are light green in color and are less dense than most. Branches can be long to support light to medium weight ornaments. Popular for their "traditional" unsheared look, make these trees a great price leader. Very little tree fragrance.

      Pricing - Book before Oct 30th and receive 10% off and free delivery - payments due when your tree arrives
      Douglas Fir (5-7 ft) $49.00 (7-9ft) $54.99
      Fraser Fir (5-6ft) $59.00 (6-7ft) $89.00 (7-8ft) $99.00
      To order please send an e-mail to:
      Specify you choice, we will take care of the rest.