• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • 2012-13 Coach Excellence Awards

      April 22, 2013


      During the CCC High Performance Meetings on April 12 2013, Justin Wadsworth, Head Coach-National Ski Team, Lisa Patterson, CCC High Performance Coordinator-East and Louis Bouchard, National Ski Team Coach, were presented with the 2012-13 Coach Excellence Awards.

      From left to right:

      Innovation in Coaching - Justin Wadsworth: Awarded for his leadership in integrating GPS technology into several aspects of the World Cup Team training programs and seeking new and innovative ways to use the new ski treadmill at the Bill Warren Training Centre to enhance training, monitoring and biomechanical efficiency.

      Female Leadership in Coaching - Lisa Patterson:  Awarded for quality leadership in the role of Team Leader U23/World junior Championships 2013

      Collaboration in Coaching -  Louis Bouchard: Awarded for his efforts in meshing east and west IST (integrated support teams) in order to optimize World Cup Team support.