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    • The NST Chronicles - By Ivan Babikov

      October 22, 2013

      Summertime went by very fast, and in few days I’ll start skiing again, in Canmore, on Frozen Thunder. Last few years Canmore Nordic Center was able to provide as with some good skiing, on a stored, since last winter snow, starting as early as mid-October.

      So, as you can imagine I’m pretty excited to go back to Canmore and get on snow even though last sixteen days our team spent training in sunny California. The main focus was to get away from potentially rainy/cold October and get some good altitude training. Most of the camp we were training in Truckee, but going down low to Nevada City for a couple intensities and strength sessions.

      That was a first time I visited Lake Tahoe area in the summer, and I must say it’s very beautiful out there. Weather has been very good to us, it didn’t rain on us even once, bluebird sky every day, and waters of South Yuba River felt very refreshing, and all of that in October!?

      This time our men squad was joined by Peri and Dasha, and thanks to Peri pretty much every day we were enjoying freshly baked bread, cookies and even pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving time - delicious. Len is still recovering after his knee surgery but he managed to keep up with us on the most of the training days. Which is a good sign and we all hope he’ll be back at his 100% by beginning of the season, for sure it was good to have him back as a roommate after he had to miss New Zealand camp.

      Next month I’ll spend in Canmore before we depart to Europe for the beginning of the season, which will start with a mini tour in Kuusamo, Finland. Hopefully 2km ski loop of Frozen Thunder will help me get ready for early season World Cups.

      Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next blog update…

      Good to have Lenny back on training camp with us.


      Beautiful South Yuba river
      Cliff diving
      Tahoe Lake rim trail. THE best bike ride I've evere had.
      Tahoe Lake on the background
      Warm up before intensity
      Ivan-Babikov---Truckee---Ivan-Alex-Devon-swim.jpg  Ivan-Babikov---Truckee---Ivan-run.jpg
      Post-intensity "recovery" Oct 14th, not even cold.