• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Opportunities: Frédérique Vézina

      November 12, 2013

      As soon as I got out of the house, I blinked my eyes; the ocean-blue sky directed the sunlight straight into my eyes. My breathing created a tiny damp cloud and my cheeks turned red after a little while because of the below zero temperature. I raised my Buff a little higher on my face and lowered my Falun hat, down over my ears. The weather was ideal; the conditions would be great. Not only the winter had shown the tip of its nose, but that day, I had the opportunity to do one of the things I enjoy the most in life – skiing.

      I was in Canmore, Alberta, for two weeks to enjoy the 2.3km loop of man-made snow which was named Frozen Thunder. The loop might seem short to you and it might sound weird, but I never got bored of it! Feeling the gliding sensation of the skis on snow (after a small refresher, of course) and the cold, pure air in my lungs was well worth putting the rollerskis aside, and missing school (!!).

      During my time in Canmore I also had the opportunity to participate in a Women’s camp. In the middle of the camp I had the opportunity to be inspired by the most colourful and motivating Olympic athlete – Clara Hughes. For those of you who don’t know her much, her life journey explains how a very determined woman strives and struggles, with ups and downs throughout her career to achieve her goals. Here is a quote from her that I like a lot: «I am no different than all of you guys, I am a human being JUST like you!» when she said that there is no such thing as superheroes with super powers.

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