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    • My season in 1000 words or more: Lenny Valjas

      June 3, 2014

      Original article: http://lvaljas.blogspot.ca/


      Some things just don’t work out the way you planned. For me, last season should have been the best one of my life, the one I was training 4 years for. Instead, it was my worst year ever. It has taken me a long time to deal with this fact and I apologize for not posting regular updates as I planned to do leading up to and during the Olympics.

      I had other issues to deal with. If I back-track a year to last spring, I was feeling really good and strong after the first training camps. Exactly how you want to feel leading up to an Olympic year. Then, in July it was decided that I should go for knee surgery. This was due to a problem I’ve dealt with for about 5 years. The arthroscopic surgery was supposed to improve my comfort level and I was supposed to be ready to train with the team after about 2- 4 weeks, 6 max. Five months later, I was still rehabbing the knee, still feeling pain and starting to feel frustrated and still not able to train.  My knee was much worse than before surgery. I couldn’t do all the regular workouts with the team. In October I started to introduce some roller skiing into my training and just over a week later my knee swelled up once again and I was back to square one… It seems like the orthopedic surgeon was more aggressive on my knee than I, or the coaches, expected.

      It was decided that I should go to Europe for the first World Cups in November, however my knee did not hold up to the training and racing...