• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Maui, training starting up

      May 17, 2013

      Why Wednesday? Why should you believe me that I will stick to the schedule of updating the ye ol’ blog weekly – and midweek for that matter? Those are all great queries. 1) To quote George Mallory – because it’s there (Wednesday that is). 2) You shouldn’t believe me (I cannot totally and utterly promise you’ll find terribly written skier stream of consciousness every Wednesday – but it’s my intention to fill you all in weekly – starting now). And 3) today happens to be a Wednesday – which also happens to be midweek. Shocking I know.
      The idea may have spawned out of a fleeting feeling of motivation to update, but when I stop and think about it – Wednesday is a perfect day to update a blog. It’s the middle of the working week – so something to look forward to for those of you that drive a desk for a living. Also, for the retired set (ie. Jamie), PGA golf tournaments start on Thursdays, so prior to hunkering down and watching 8-10 hours of sports on tv (not Jamie, more the Big Guy…), the stress might be a little higher than normal to get a bit of a sporting fix – if you could call this website that – which of course I must caution you of.
      Since you last stumbled upon this blog, forgive me for leaving you with a bit of a depressed mood. I admit it. I was not a happy camper after a tough season on the skinny skis. I then perhaps made it worse by posting a plethora of photos of ski touring and beautiful mountains. You can say it – not cool. Ok, I apologize for that too – but being out in nature always makes me feel better – and playing in the snow with great friends is my prescription for the “racing season blahs” and perhaps you could look at it another way and you found it motivating, got after it yourself, or at least enjoyed the photos? Either way – April is so necessary to every successful ski racer – and this April was fantastic and I am feeling much, much better and definitely super motivated...