• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Last dryland training camp of the year. Park City

      October 17, 2014

      For the last dryland training camp of this summer our team went to Park City. We were joined by some American skiers and Alberta World Cup Academy guys. We have used Park City for an “altitude training” quite a few times in the past years, rollerskiing, running and especially mountain biking in the Deer Valley area is just amazing, and it would be very hard to find a better trails anywhere else, plus short drive to Soldier Hollow or Salt Lake City for running or rollerski intensity or for some “pumping” (strength) makes it almost perfect location.

      Team rented a very nice house at the Alpine ski area, Deer Valley, just above Park City (2400m above sea level) and were able to do most of our training out of the door. Training volume wasn’t too crazy, about 24-25hr a week, but that altitude it feels hard enough, believe me.

      This time we spent almost three week training away from home, a bit longer than usual summer training camp, but it went by pretty fast, of course, training and recovery time kept us busy, but we also had a lot of fun on our free time. Most of my teammates are crazy about NFL fantasy, so there was a lot of yelling and “high fiving” on the Football nights. On the rest day we even played “Flag Football”, must say it’s much harder than it looks on TV.  Have to mention board game "Settlers of Catan", it  also took a big chunk of our evenings (if there was no Football on tv of course).
      Our coach Tor Arne (TA) also stay with us, and cooked us a BOSS breakfast (LOTS of pancakes, bacon, oatmeal and eggs) every single morning, to make sure we have “enough fuel” for an upcoming training day. Hard to beat that. THANKS TA!!! Also huge thanks to our ski tech Joel Jacques, who was taking care of ALL our training equipment, bikes, rollerskis, poles, sport drinks, recovery drinks, nutrition bars, and of course for driving us to training locations. RESPECT
      That was another successful training camp, we managed to stay healthy and injury free throughout those three weeks, and came out of it not too tired and much stronger. I’m happy to say that I’m very satisfied with all the hard work I’ve done this summer, ski season is upon us, and there is not much time left until the first race, just enough for the last “tune up” on the snow. Luckily in Canmore we have a project called “Frozen Thunder”. Canmore Nordic Center saves snow from the last winter and puts out about 2km lap for us to ski on in the mid October, one of the few places in the world with cross country skiing that early. Not going to lie, I’m looking forward to skiing and racing. Should be a fun season.
      But all that in a month, at this moment I’m just happy to get back home, miss my wife and kids a lot by now.

      Stay tuned, and cheer for us in the upcoming season.