• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Back to training, or to Bend and back.

      June 3, 2013

       Another month pass,  and for me that means there is one month less of training left till Sochi. One month less to get ready, to get faster, to get stronger. Ever since I recovered from last season, and started my summer training, I'm trying to cherish every single work out, knowing that every minute, of every training is important, that's all going to count in about 8 month, out there in Russian mountains, not too far from Sochi.
       Few days ago I returned from Bend OR. Our team love that place. We spent 10 days of good quality training, getting back to some hard intensity, heavy weights in the gym but most importantly skiing up at the Mt. Bachelor. We got lucky with some fresh snow and days with temp around 0C. So it was perfect and probably the best skiing condition in the World for the end of May, at least that's how I felt. For the fun we escaped to the Oregon coast for our day off, to enjoy some surfing.  Bend is one of the best places for training I know and we’ll be going back there for an altitude training camp in July...