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    • 6 Ways to Create Positive Change

      July 19, 2018

      We’ve got some more work to do.

      It’s hard to admit and sometimes hard to see, but it’s clear we have more work to do when our government has to remind us that: “All Canadians deserve to participate and compete in a sport environment, free from harassment, abuse or discrimination …”

      In a country which prides itself in leading by example, and especially following the important progress we’ve already made, this is a tough reminder. But, when something isn’t right in our sport family, we work to make it better — together. It’s our responsibility, and it takes guts. Just ask Amélie-Frédérique Gagnon, Gail Kelly, Anna Prchal and Geneviève Simard.

      Last month these four retired skiers lifted a publication ban on their identities during their trial against their former ski coach, Bertrand Charest for sexual assault and sexual exploitation. These women — our teammates — shared a vivid and horrific snapshot of the very environment we work in every single day.

      It’s critical we learn from their courage. So, following that news story, Tricia Smith, president of the COC, voiced her opinion in the Toronto Star on the very subject; sharing publicly the demand for change in our sport family. Indeed, more has to be done.

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