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    • 2013 True Sport Give-Back Challenge

      August 8, 2013



      2013 True Sport Give-Back Challenge
      Special announcement exclusive to True Sport Members!

       Get a head start on your 2013 True Sport Give-Back Challenge and your team, club or group may be featured on CBC Sports Day in Canada and earn one of three cash prizes!

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      Are you a True Sport member that likes to give back to the community?

      By entering the True Sport Give-Back Challenge, True Sport members could win one of three cash prizes worth $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 to continue their work in advancing the True Sport Principles and the values of fairness, excellence, inclusion and fun.

      Check out these winners and finalists from last year for additional inspiration.

          TS-GiveBack-Slider-OfsaaSki--w500-h400.jpeg        TS-GiveBack-Slider-FastFemale--w500-h400.jpeg