• Alex 50km Lahti Champion
    • Last Day to order your CCC Club Fundraising Toques

      June 19, 2017

      Call to all cross country ski clubs

      Would you like to raise $10 000 or more for your club programs?


      Follow this simple 2 step process:

      1. Purchase 1250 (or more) special edition toques with custom design from CCC at only $12 per toque (you can purchase fewer if you want to)
      2. Re-sell the toques for $20 each (or more if you wish) 

      And VOILĂ€! $10 000+ PROFIT! 

      How easy is it for a club to sell 1250 toques?

       VERY EASY!

       A few suggestions:

      1. Use your membership as your sales force! Ask each member to sell a small quantity. For example 1250 toques is only 50 members selling 25 toques each, or 125 members selling 10 toques, or… (we all need to stuff our Christmas socks with something after all :)
      2. Ask local shops (maybe one of them is already a sponsor) to sell toques for you
      3. Set up kiosks at various local and regional events

      Case scenario: athletes in your club could likely each sell 100 toques in 1 day going door to door in their neighborhood if they keep all the profits to fund their club program fees. That would represent a minimum $800 profit each in 1 day!! In addition these personal contacts with people help promote your club and your programs.


      Please fill in the order form and return to CCC by June 20th with a 50% deposit (6$/toque).