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    • Top Norwegian Skiers Visit Banff Ski Runners Club

      July 20, 2005

      On June 25, 2005 Banff Ski Runners welcomed their new Norwegian friends, and NWT's Thomsen D'Hont, to Canmore for a 2-week visit.

      Astrid Ovestdal, Ola Nortug, Christine Dahl, Hilde Loset, Lise Karine Hofstad, and Kjerstid Bo arrived in Canmore for a potluck feast after a long journey that included many lost ski bags.  They were immediately plunged into training the day after their arrival with an easy run on the Silver Tip side of the Bow Valley. 

      In true Haig Glacier Camp style, the athletes could not travel to the glacier on the appointed day (June 27) as it was raining.  Despite the glacier camp being postponed for two days, everybody still had a grand time training as there are many exciting things to do in the Bow Valley.

      This is the first of (hopefully) many exchanges with Norway.  Magi Scallion, Haakon Lenes, and Georg Jalkotzy visited Trondheim, Norway in early January 2005 and got to train with club members at that time.  Now other Banff Ski Runners members are looking forward to a Norwegian Odyssey of their own.

      The exchange was very productive in many ways.  The Banff Ski Runners were able to develop friendships with the Norwegian guests and an appreciation of their culture.  Likewise for the Norwegian guests.  Many training ideas were exchanged, as well.  The Norwegians really appreciated Anders' excellent technique advice and training philosophies.  As the pendulum swung both ways, the Norwegian athletes led the Banff Ski Runners in strength and core sessions every day during the glacier phase of their two week stay.

      The Norwegian guests have very illustrious ski careers to date:  Astrid Bo is a World Junior Champion in the sprint event and Kjerstid Ovstedal has won Norwegian Cup races and is also a member of Norway's Junior National Ski Team. 

      Other exciting activities undertaken by all during the two week visit included: rollerskiing at Bow Valley Campground, hiking up East Rundle, shopping in Banff and Calgary, visiting the Calgary Stampede, horse-back riding, white-water rafting, and of course ski walking (who said training was not exciting)!!

      Rollerskiing in Bow Valley Campground July 2005

      Rollerskiing at the Bow Valley Campground.

      Atop of Rundle in Canmore July 2005

      The view from the summit of East Rundle...

      At the Haig Glacier July 2005

      On the Haig Glacier.

      On the groomer at the Haig July 2005

      On the groomer at the Haig Glacier.