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    • Iqaluit Ski Project 2005-2006

      November 14, 2005

      Last spring, Maxine Caroll and I, Jeremie Duchesne, cross country gold medalist, came to Iqaluit to teach schoolchildren the sport of cross-country skiing.

      During our volunteer involvement (March to June), we tried to promote environment and exercise by cross-country skiing and running. We wanted to influence schoolchildren to be closer to the exceptional and unique arctic environment.
      For the project, we were associated with Ski Rossignol Canada. They gave us 15 new sets of equipment for half price. We gave all the equipment to Aqsarniit middle schoolchildren (250 students) because we believe that the ages of 10 to 12 years old are critical for learning a good and healthy lifestyle. Most of the Iqaluit children will enroll in this intermediary school program.  Further, we could start the project without waiting for other sponsorships, Rossignol gave us the opportunity to pay at the end of the 2005 year.
      After months of research, it was really difficult to find others partners.
      The Inuit culture is now part of me!   I was supposed to teach for free at Aqsarniit middle school for one month. After this volunteer period, I decided to stay 2 more months because I was really passionate. 
      All my life, people have helped me to be closer of my athlete dream... I did one thing every day for them. It's my olympic dream...  and I did not want to realize my dream before I could help children to find their dreams!  
      By continuing to be involved here, on Baffin Island, is one of the way for me to say thanks to everybody who has helped me to realize myself.
      I wish to be able to come every year for continue my Mission... I wish than some more peoples will help me in my dream.
      The Inuit children of today will be the Nunavut leader of tomorow!  I believe in my project!
      I will terminate with some messages than children wrote in my personal note book:
      Peter Kattegatsiak: " It was the best day of my life "
      Jacob Munick-Denault: " Cross country skiing was good for health and I wish I had skies of my own "
      Jacob Kunuk: " Cross country skiing is very fun "
      Jamessee Alainga: " Skiing is one of my best sport "
      Joshua Mike: " It is the best thing I have done ! "
      Eric Bens: " I really enjoyed skiing "
      James Nasnook: " I had the greatest time of my life, thanks Jeremy !!! "
      Thank you to believe in us, in our project !
      Thank you to support us and to insure the perinity of this umble and noble involve !
      Pour que demain nous appartiennes !  
      Kind regards !
      Jeremie Duchesne
      Canada Games gold medalist
      Coordinnator and chief of the ski patrol of the Mount Bruno Cross country school (Quebec)

      Iqualuit Ski Project 2005

      Jeremie Duschense and the Iqualuit school children

      Iqualuit Ski Project

      Iqualuit Ski Project