How to Write a Funding Proposal

    Many respondents to the CCC Clubs Survey which was conducted in 2007 asked for information on how to write a funding proposal. The Clubs and Membership Committee has collected some resource information and documentation which we hope you will find useful in your annual search for additional funding for your ski clubs from both private and public foundations and funding agencies.

    We are very grateful to Dorothy Lothian, chair of Cross Country Ontario, for the "Golden Rules" below, as well as for writing the proposal for Highlands Trail Blazers (Duntroon, Ontario).

    Golden Rules for applying for grants


    1. Start with a clear statement of the need or reason for your application.
    2. Look at the impact the fulfillment of this need will have on the wider community –this is an important aspect that the application will be judged on by your funding body.
    3. Take a hard look at the ability of your group to provide the solution to the need.
    4. Build a strong knowledgeable application team.

    Once you are happy with these preliminary steps, the real work begins:


    1. Research possible funding bodies.  A good place to start is the Trillium Foundation in Ontario at, The Alberta Lottery Fund at or the equivalent granting arm of your provincial government.  Trillium is useful for obtaining information on corporate grants across Canada.  Don’t forget your local municipality as a source of funds.
    2. Check whether you meet the eligibility criteria.  Are you a registered not-for profit organization?  Many funders are looking for this.
    3. Make a personal approach to the funding organization and stay in close contact with your advisor/contact, while you are collecting information.  Ask them lots of questions; don’t ignore their suggestions.
    4. Review all of the funding organization’s requirements, and expectations.
    5. Assign work out to the team members.
    6. Have one primary document manager.
    7. Now you are ready to write the application:

    a)     Pay attention to the funding priorities of the funder – hit their hot buttons!

    b)    Make sure you have all the financial requirements and documents in order.

    c)     Make sure you have answered all the questions and fulfilled all the requirements.

    d)    Make sure the contact person’s details are clear, that this person is available and can deal with follow-up.

    e)     Have strong supporting documents from different branches of your organization, your neighbours and your friends.


    Good luck!


    Dorothy Lothian


    Trillium Foundation Proposal Writing Basics


    The Power Point presentation entitled Proposal Writing Basics is from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.   This document contains a lot of useful information which can be applied to any grant application by both first timers and more seasoned applicants.


    Jean Funk, past Chair of Cross Country Alberta, submitted the following websites as resources for grant writing information and tips:



    (Alberta Association of Fund Raising Professionals)


    (Resource Centre for Voluntary Organizations)


    Lastly, Google "how to write a grant proposal" – you will find a wealth of resources to help you.