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    • Devon Kershaw Shares the Road and his thoughts

      Devon Kershaw speaks with an unbridled passion, an optimism and enthusiasm that is unmistakable, the pride of what has been accomplished ringing with every word.

      Unfortunately, this is far more true as the local Olympian chats about the status of the Canadian nordic ski team than it is when the discussion turns to the pace of change within the local cycling community.

      The Onaping Falls native was in town on Thursday, acting as a spokesperson for the "Share the Road" program, an initiave designed to help communities become more "bicycle friendly".

      "A lot of our main work is related to awareness, educating both drivers and cyclists," Kershaw admitted. It's well documented that this volunteer undertaking is near and dear to the ultra talented skier, whose girlfriend (Sophie Manarin) lost her life when struck by a transport truck while she was out training on her bicycle.

      Kershaw tries hard not to become too frustrated with the painfully slow progression that is being shown on a local front. "Even seeing small bits of progress is something," he said.

      "There are little things here and there, but obviously we can do more. It's not haphazard paths, a kilometer here and another stretch ten kilometers away with no way to connect them - that's not making your community bicycle friendly," Kershaw noted....